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Kansas Woman Loses Her Second Daughter To Murder

Cherri West's sadness started back in 1999 when her 10-year-old daughter, Pamela Butler, who was playing outside their home, was kidnapped by a person who came there in his pickup truck. Her older sister, Casey Eaton, was the only person who saw the person grab her sister; she was a teenager when the incident happened. She ran behind the truck screaming and a person who saw her in trouble immediately noted the license plate number of the truck. However, the offender succeeded in escaping. ... Read more

Overland Park Man Sentenced To Almost 17 Years For Killing Woman

On Monday, 38-year-old Christopher Duane Wallace was sentenced to spend 17 years in prison for killing a woman in 2016. Wallace was impaired due to methamphetamine when he killed the woman. According to Wallace, he thought 35-year-old Jennifer Lopez was a zombie when he attacked her. He called the cops to the apartment where he lived with Lopez in the 6100 block of Foster Street and told them that he killed his roommate. After the cops took him into custody, he told that he had been high o... Read more

Kansas Supreme Court Orders New Sentencing In 2009 Murder Of Overland Park Teen

On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court Friday ordered a new sentencing hearing for 29-year-old Mattox, who was convicted of kidnapping and murder of an Overland Park teenager back in 2009. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison, but the sentence was thrown out on Friday by the judge. The same ruling was made in the case of Dustin Hilt, who was also involved in the murder case; but he was again sentenced to “Hard 50” sentence back in 2015. Both offenders are cousins and Hilt was Alyea... Read more

Hate Crime Suspected As Kansas Man Shoots 2 Indian Engineers In Kansas

Federal authorities are investigating a possible hate crime that happened on Wednesday as an engineer from India was killed and 2 others sustained gunshot wounds when a white US Navy veteran opened fire in a Kansas bar. The home country of the individual who was killed is still in shock for their loss and according to citizens, changing in the policies by U.S. President Donald Trump is the reason of intolerance. People are now facing issues due to the new president's policy "America First" po... Read more

Man Accused Of Kidnapping And Pistol-Whipping Woman In Overland Park

38-year-old Ryan Patrick Gaughan of Kansas City has been charged with kidnapping and pistol-whipping a woman in Overland Park. Gaughan was charged in Johnson County District Court with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary and making a criminal threat. He is being held in the Johnson County Jail on a bond of $500,000. According to Overland police, they were called to a hospital Wednesday where the woman had gone for treatment of her injuries. Police found out that ... Read more

Woman And Two Daughters Missing Since Monday Back In Overland Park

According to Overland Park Police reports, Abigail J. Tipton and her two twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia Franklin, safely returned home Saturday night. The woman and her two daughters had gone missing when they were last seen in Overland Park. They were located Saturday. The community and media helped locate them. No foul play was suspected by the police in the incident. However, they were concerned about the welfare of the twin girls, both 4-year-old. Source: www.kansascity.com... Read more

18 People Charged In Kansas City In Large-Scale Heroin Trafficking Ring

2 individuals from Overland Park in their 60s are part of the crime group of 18 individuals who were indicted for relations with Mexican drug cartels. It is shown by the court documents that the 2 Mexican citizens who were living in the country illegally used to distribute 30 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine in the Kansas City area. On Friday, the federal grand jury indictment was made public which includes the lit of names of the 18 group members. They all were charged with: Cons... Read more

30-Year-Old Former Overland Park Police Officer Charged With Making Online Threat

30-year-old Rodney Lee Wilson, a former Overland Park police officer, has been charged with posting a threatening Facebook comment on a Dallas woman's Facebook page. The incident was reported earlier this year and Wilson was fired after that. He was charged with a felony count of criminal threat in Johnson County District Court. According to jail records, Wilson turned himself in to Johnson County authorities on Friday. He now lived in San Diego. His initial court appearance was schedul... Read more

Family Member Suspected In Disappearance Of 87-Year-Old Kansas Woman And Her 65-Year-Old Son

PLEASANTON, Kan. - 2 individuals, an 87-year-old woman and her 65-year-old son, are missing and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation detectives are in search of them. Authorities believed that they both are the victims of foul play. The investigators found a few proofs of the crime as they went to their home in Pleasanton. The clues took the investigators to the Marais Des Cygnes River where a dive team and a cadaver dog were looking on Monday. The family members of the victims reported t... Read more

Former Pastor Of A Clifton Ukrainian Orthodox Church Accused In Kansas Of Choking Baby

On Thursday, 54-year-old Oleh Zhownirovych, the former pastor of a Clifton Ukrainian Orthodox church, was charged in relation to the choking of a 4-month-old child incident that happened in Kansas. He had been the pastor at the church but left serving the church in 2015. According to the police, the cops responded to a report of a man choking a 4-month-old around 7:23 a.m. on Wednesday. Individuals present at the scene held him until the cops arrived there. It was written in the new rel... Read more


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