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12 Most Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs in America

In 2020, there are several dangerous motorcycle organizations that engage in a wide array of criminal activities. The motorcycle club “One-percenter” was named because the American Motorcyclists Association alleges that 99% of motorcyclists abide by the law, with only a small percentage contributing to crime. For those “one-percenters” cross-border drug trafficking, violent assaults, contract killings and petty theft are regularly committed.

Although law-breaking motorcyclists play an important role in the United States’ criminal underworld, they have long been mythical in films, television, and literature. Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels” exposes the brutal motorcycle gang behavior, and the hit TV show “Son of Anarchy” has revived interest in these violent organizations.

Here is a list of the better-known “Most Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs in America”

  1. Warlocks

Warlocks enjoy such a cruel reputation that many other dangerous motorcycle gangs refuse to deal with them. The gang has a history of extreme and rowdy violence, including attacks on hostile leaders and arbitrary murder of the police. Warlocks are most active in Florida, where there are 11 chapters. Their influence also extends north of the border: in 2014, 4 members were arrested in Alberta, Canada, for a massive explosion of drugs and weapons.

  1. The Highwaymen

Compared to Detroit and Hell Angels, Highwaymen is headquartered in Detroit and is relatively small. But this did not stop them from disturbing the peace in the Automobile City. The club was founded in the 1950s and has conducted several large-scale investigations. The most recent was in 2007 when 40 members and employees were arrested on charges of extortion and corruption. Gang leader Aref “Scarface” Nagi was sentenced to 37 years in prison.

  1. Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

Some jobs in “one-percenter” are so dirty that even the most concerning clubs in the United States will not hit them. In this case, the gang will convene a “support club”, a smaller group responsible for dealing with drugs and committing violent crimes at the request of the mother team. In 2018, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Motorcycle Accident Lawyers attempted to sue the organization for damages, but had no success. The Black Pistons is Outlaws’ official support club, and members are involved in criminal activity across the country, including a drug distribution network in Georgia, a café in Michigan, and the fragmentation of Illinois.

  1. Vagos Motorcycle Club

Vagos’ main job is to coordinate drugs smuggled on both sides of the Mexican border, but they also participated in the murder of members of the Hell Angels in Nevada in 2011. – An accusation led them to a defamation lawsuit against introducing and win the local police.

  1. The Sons of Silence

This gang in Colorado is one of the smallest gangs on our list, but The Sons of Silence has been involved in motorcycle gang turf wars for decades. They initially demarcated territory in Colorado, Arizona, and Kansas, and later allied with Hell Angels to provide protection. This makes them a target for small clubs, which explains why machine guns, bombs, and grenades appeared during the club attack in 1999.

  1. The Pagan’s

The pagan organization was founded in the late 1950s and only became a criminal organization when John “Satan” Marron came to power in the 1960s and late 1970s. Today, they are considered one of the four largest illegal motorcycle clubs in the United States and are widely feared for their relationship with the Italian Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood.

Gentiles have been accused of mass production and drug trafficking and have been involved in many conspiracies, explosions, and arms trafficking. In 2010, 19 members were arrested in New York City and were suspected of conspiring to kill an angel with a homemade grenade. In 2018, a bust of a club on Rhode Island revealed a slew of illegal weapons, including rocket launchers.

  1. Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Founded in 1936, Outlaws is considered the oldest illegal motorcycle club in the world and has grown stronger over the years. With over 1,700 members in hundreds of chapters, the organization has had a tremendous impact on drug trafficking along the Canadian border and control over much of the Great Lakes region. The club’s rap list has capital punishment across the country. They are arguably Hell Angels’ biggest and strongest opponents.

  1. The Mongols

The Mongols are not feared nationally like “Desperado” or “Hell Angel”, but in Southern California, they are one of the most violent and well-known motorcycle gangs. Due to longstanding ties to street gangs in the area, the Mongols seized control of SoCal from Hell Angels in the 1980s.

The beef with which the club collaborates with the Angels can be traced back decades. Today, most members are Hispanic or Native American.

  1. Hells Angels

When you think of an illegal motorcycle club, you may think of the notorious “Hell’s Angels”. This gang is widely known and is actually based in the United States and Canada. (Commercial transactions include the prosecution of copyright infringement films, such as Wild Hogs).

In addition to legal affairs, the roughly 2,500 hardcore members of the club have trafficked various criminal items, from large-scale drug transactions to extortion. Their aggressiveness has led to a long dispute with many other clubs on the list, including the Mongols in Southern California and the Outlaws on the Canadian border. For some reason, these people are the best-known single-center gangs.

  1. Avengers Motorcycle Club

The Avengers Motorcycle Club was founded in Michigan in the late 1960s and in the late 1990s there was a war with the iron box and the forbidden wheels club. While members of the gang performed racketeering, arson, beatings, and even shooting at soldiers in West Virginia, the gang drew enough Gentile attention to beat the leader’s head.

  1. Unknown Bikers Motorcycle Club

As the name suggests, ‘unknown motorcyclists’ are poorly understood, except they are New Yorkers and have several clubs in the state. Oh, you don’t want to mess with them … In 2016, a group of about a hundred members surrounded the Hell Angel Club on Long Island after a dispute over the patch. No one willing to fight angels should cross.

  1. Thunder Guards Motorcycle Club

Thunder Guards Motorcycle Club is one of many all-black clubs created in response to other gangs’ exclusive membership policies. This single-centered gang was founded in the state of Delaware in the 1960s and has significant influence in the states of the Mid-Atlantic (such as South Carolina and Georgia). Members have been linked to numerous crimes such as shootings and cocaine distribution.

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