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15-year-old Overland boy fatally shot himself while taking selfie

OVERLAND – On Friday, 15-year-old DaMontez fatally shot himself in the chest as he was attempting to take a selfie when he accidently pressed the trigger of the gun.

According to the police, the teen died because of his mistake. No other individual was involved in the case. He suffered a wound on his right upper chest and the shooting has been ruled an accident.

The shooting occurred around 7:30 p.m. at a home in the 9500 block of Page Avenue. 2 of DaMontez’s brothers were home when the incident happened. No adult was at home.

The selfie has not been found and the cops are making efforts to access the cell phone of the boy to see what happened.

Dennis Jones Sr., the father of the teenager, told that the idea of the selfie was also given to him by his brothers. When the incident happened, no one was present in the room with DaMontez. He added, “They said he was trying to take a picture and (the gun) went off.

DaMontez was rushed to a hospital, where he died as the injury was life-threatening.

Jones also told that the gun belonged to the fiancé of DaMontez’s mother.

According to Overland police Lt. Steve Branham, the fiancé is employed as a security guard. The case is still under investigation and the cops are trying to obtain details to confirm who the owner of the gun is.

Branham said that it seems DaMontez found the gun in a bedroom closet and the gun was not secured in a lock box. He further said that the investigators are struggling to know the link between the phone and the gun, as “He had a cell phone found next to him.”

The cell phone was not working properly that is why the cops sent it to the lab to check if there are any pictures in the phone of DaMontez with the gun. Branham added, “We’re pretty solid in that theory but will go the extra mile to see if there are pictures there.”

The social media page of the teen doesn’t contain any picture with the gun. His social media page has only 30 pictures uploaded in 17 months and in most of them, he can be seen smiling and taking selfies in the bathroom mirror. In some of the pictures, he can be seen with a group of buddies, but a gun is nowhere in the pictures. Only 1 picture contains the gun which is of a cartoon holding a gun in each hand and wearing a Superman shirt. The image was uploaded in the month of March.

The teens father told that his nickname was “Tez” and he had just finished his freshman year at Ritenour High School. “He loved hockey and rock ‘n’ roll.”

The teens grandmother, Diane Jones, told about him that he was “real smart” and love playing golf.

Dennis Jones said the death of his son makes him believe 2 pieces of advice that “Parents should spend more time with their kids and if they have guns in the house put a lock on the gun. Police give them out for free.”

Cops are investigating the case and Branham said there are chances that the gun owner could face charges such as endangering the welfare of a child.

The funeral was held on 14th of June at House of Deliverance Church, at 9355 St. Charles Rock Road.


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