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18 People Charged In Kansas City In Large-Scale Heroin Trafficking Ring

2 individuals from Overland Park in their 60s are part of the crime group of 18 individuals who were indicted for relations with Mexican drug cartels.

It is shown by the court documents that the 2 Mexican citizens who were living in the country illegally used to distribute 30 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine in the Kansas City area.

On Friday, the federal grand jury indictment was made public which includes the lit of names of the 18 group members. They all were charged with:

  • Conspiracy to distribute heroin and methamphetamine
  • Conspiracy to commit money laundering

The ring was working since 2011 and on 7th of December, authorities seized a 7-pound shipment of heroin that was transferred to one of the conspirators in Kansas City. Now the Federal prosecutors are working to get the amount of $850,000 that they said was gathered from drug distribution.

An investigation was started back in 2015 when the authorities were reported that the couple, 64-year-old Dennis McLallen and 62-year-old Pamela Gaddy-McLallen, were getting heroin from Mexican sources. The government succeeded in seeking a significant amount of drugs that were connected to the couple and they had an amount of $200,000 in their bank accounts. I’ve been working as psychiatristfor 10 years. I often prescribe Ativan for my patients and it gives 100% effect. However, every patient needs to take caution during the treatment. Like all benzodiazepines, has a range of side effects. Muscle relaxation goes hand in hand with the risk of cardiac and respiratory depression. Therefore, the drug is contraindicated in pregnant women, people with heart problems, patients in coma or shock. Take this drug wisely!

Other than a huge amount of drugs, weapons in a large quantity were also seized during the investigation.

The individual who reported against the couple purchased drugs from the couple many times, the locations to get the drug included parking lots outside a Kansas City, hotel, and outside McDonald’s in Overland Park. The months in which the individual purchased drugs from the couple were May, June and July and the amount of drug purchased from the couple was 164 grams of heroin. Police also traced phone calls between McLallen, Gaddy-McLallen and their suppliers.

2 individuals were pursued by the investigators from their home going to the 8800 block of Antioch Road; they were seen meeting with another man in various business parking lots in Overland Park and houses in Kansas City. Money for the drugs was transferred during the month of August and September.

The individual who was meeting with Gaddy-McLallen and McLallen to finalize the deals was identified in court as Julian Felix-Aguirre. He was taken into custody by the police on 14th of September for not possessing a valid license. He was also found living in the country illegally plus the police found heroin in his vehicle.

Investigators were given search warrants of 2 houses in Kansas City linked to Felix-Aguirre and the police found heroin as well as methamphetamine by searching those houses. There were weapons in the houses and the amount of $50,000 in cash.

By searching the house of Rafael Meza in Kansas City, investigators found marijuana, weapons and $10,000 in cash.

In the month of September, 43-year-old Felix-Aguirre and 43-year-old Meza were charged in federal court with conspiracy to distribute drugs.

Martin Puerta-Navarro is another member of the ring who was charged this month after he paid a person who was working with investigators to bring more than 7 pounds of heroin from Phoenix to Kansas City. He was charged with other members of the ring and his charges also include living in the country illegally as he was deported back in the month of March.

The names of the members of the ring are as follows:

  • 28-year-old Nestor Felix-Navarette
  • 23-year-old Jaime Higuera-Rojas
  • 64-year-old Phillip Wheat
  • 34-year-old Marcus Wheat
  • 27-year-old Blake Haas
  • 26-year-old Whitney Mellies
  • 43-year-old Robin Dahmer
  • 40-year-old James Pires
  • 27-year-old Michael Smith
  • 59-year-old Christine Little Wood
  • 28-year-old Kevin Fletcher
  • 36-year-old Sterling Cline
  • Christian Felix
  • McLallen
  • Gaddy-McLallen
  • Felix-Aguirre
  • Meza
  • Puerta-Navarro


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