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All charges dropped in alleged family sex crime case

Six elder members of a family were accused of a string of unusual sex crimes, including wedding younger relatives to older male relatives to allow intercourse. Further allegations of bestiality, pregnancy and murder were also brought forth. Multiple of the accused family members spent time behind bars awaiting trial. The alleged crimes, which are said to have occurred about 30 miles east of Kansas City on a family farm, resulted in the arrest of the family members in 2009.

However, all charges have been dropped. Initially, charges against one of the six family members were dropped last year owing to the statute of limitations running out. The statute of limitations is a definition of a window of time buy adipex 75 online in which charges must be filed for an alleged crime. After so many years, prosecution can no longer occur. Furthermore, the murder charges were never filed as well because no bodies were ever found.

The remaining family members behind bars have been released from custody upon all charges being dropped. The defense is quoted as saying, “Whether or not I believe the allegations is an independent question from whether or not I believe I can prove each and every element of the case beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.”

It is reported that another key element of the charges being dropped was a refusal of the witnesses to take the stand or submit sensitive medical records. One of the released family members representation is quoted as saying, “It’s been a long time coming, but finally justice is served. [The defendant] is very happy and grateful to have closure so he can focus on his physical health and his family.”

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