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Alleged marijuana operation in Leavenworth brings drug charges

When a Sheriff’s Office tactical unit served a search warrant on a rural Leavenworth residence, Kansas authorities uncovered an alleged marijuana operation and arrested a 34-year-old man.

Firearms, paraphernalia, cash, and approximately twelve mature and four starter marijuana plants were seized by the authorities. Reports indicate that approximately ten pounds of “processed” marijuana was also found. There were no initial reports as to how the police came to suspect the residence in question, although the fact that a search warrant was executed at the residence tends toward the conclusion that the location was the focus of an ongoing drug crime investigation.

The 34-year-old man was the only person arrested at the residence. A woman and two children were also present at the time the search warrant was served. The children were released to their grandparents, and the woman was left at the residence after the search was completed.

The suspect will face felony charges of possession of marijuana and possession of stolen property. He also faces misdemeanor charges of cultivation of marijuana, due to the seizure of lights, fertilizer, watering cans, and “starter plants” as well.

Drug possession charges carry serious consequences in Kansas. But the burden is on the state prosecutors to prove every element of an alleged criminal offense. Anyone arrested for drug charges in Kansas would be wise to seek out experienced legal counsel to ensure that all of their rights are protected and that the prosecutor follows the law.

The results of any particular case vary greatly, often depending on how much of an illegal drug was seized, as well as considering the alleged perpetrator’s prior criminal history. In several cases involving drug possession, the case may be resolved with plea bargains.

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