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Kansas State Board of Education cracking down on teacher crime

TOPEKA, Kansas – Next week, action will be taken by the Kansas State Board of Education against 6 teachers who have been convicted of criminal activity, mostly involving sexual activity with their students. Attorney for the State Department of Education, Cheryl Whelan said the board is pursuing school districts that are not reporting criminal activity by teachers and administrators. From all the convicted teachers, 4 were convicted of sexual improprieties with minors. 1 was convicted of fraud and 1 stole an instrument from the school. The board is being asked to cancel the licenses of these 6 convicted teachers in… Read More →

Crimes in Overland Park and Leawood are connected

On Friday, police told that 2 robberies and 1 attempted robbery that took place in Overland Park and Leawood were interconnected. Just after 10 a.m. the crimes began when a man holding a black handgun threatened a woman to give money from her bank outside an Overland Park Hospital. The woman had a child with her and she was in a parking lot outside Menorah Medical Center at 119th Street and Nall Avenue when the man got near her and threatened her to drive to her bank nearby and give him money after withdrawing it from an ATM. After that,… Read More →

Trailer thefts on the rise to haul off other stolen goods

OVERLAND PARK, KS – An increase in trailer thefts has been seen by the area police departments and the police officers are of the view that there is a link between stealing trailers and other crimes. Officers believe that the thieves steal the trailers first and then steal other goods like push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers and other things with the help of those trailers. Leonard Eshnaur, 1 of the 9 victims in the last 6 weeks in Overland Park, KS, to have his trailer stolen said, “Just mad, just flat out mad”. He told the police, “I backed… Read More →

Kansas awards a total of $274,000 from offenders to 126 crime victims

TOPEKA – One hundred and twenty six Kansas crime victims who filed claims with the state attorney general’s office were awarded a total of $274,000 by the state board. During the monthly meeting of the Kansas Crime Victim’s Compensation Board, funds were given to the victims. By this program, victims of violent crimes are supported to pay for unexpected expenses like cost of medical treatment, mental health services, lost wages and funeral costs. Awards are given from money obtained from convicted offenders like court fees, inmate wages, parole fees and restitution. To each victim, the board can award up to… Read More →

Homicide investigation launched after baby’s body found in KC trash truck

On Monday morning, a horrifying incident occurred and Kansas City sanitation workers were shocked to see the crushed remains of a baby in their truck while doing their work. The workers were emptying garbage bags in the truck when they saw the remaining organs of a baby’s body under the tailgate of the truck. The workers were doing their job in the 2800 block of Campbell Street; they stopped and called 911 to report the incident. The infant was a few weeks old and it is not confirmed from which route the truck picked up the baby. As part of… Read More →

Overland Park police officers are investigating a fatal drive-by shooting

A fatal driveway shooting case is still under investigation by the Overland Park police which happened on Sunday around 3:30 p.m. near the intersection of 94th Street and Lamar Avenue. On Sunday, as 33-year-old Raymon Thomas left his house, a red Ford Taurus came near him in which 2 men were seated. They got out of the car and fired shots at Thomas according to the police. The car which the 2 suspects was driving with Missouri license plates. The victim, Raymon Thomas was the father of 3 children. He had been working as a real estate agent. One of… Read More →

The Kansas Death Penalty is Dying a Slow Death

The Kansas death penalty has cobwebs By DAVE HELLING The Kansas City Star It may be weeks before Kansans know if prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Kyle Flack, accused of killing four people in Franklin County this spring. It will take far longer — 10 years or more — before anyone in the state is actually put to death for a crime. And that time gap, advocates on both sides of the death penalty debate say, suggests the state remains deeply uneasy about the punishment — an ambivalence that muddies its value. “When a law isn’t applied, it… Read More →

Mark Woodworth Free on Bond Pending New Trial

An emotional homecoming for inmate released pending third murder trial By TONY RIZZO The Kansas City Star Unshackled and free, wearing his own clothes for the first time in 13 years, Mark Woodworth emerged from a county jail Friday afternoon into a sea of smiling faces and a boisterous cheer. About 100 family members and friends, some who had waited for hours, came to greet the 38-year-old man who had spent all but 14 months behind bars since 1993, when he was still a teenager. Saying he felt overwhelmed, Woodworth wore a huge grin as he thanked them for their… Read More →

Fingerprint Match Jails Innocent Man

Wrong Garcia is jailed for manslaughter when fingerprints match By ERIC ADLER The Kansas City Star Usually, when fingerprints match, you think you have your man. Tell that to Adalberto Izaquierdo Garcia of Mexico. The 36-year-old stood in line to legally enter the United States just before Christmas to attend the funeral of his recently deceased mother. Instead, he was arrested on an outstanding Jackson County manslaughter warrant in a crime that now even prosecutors concede he didn’t commit. In fact, he’d never been in Missouri. Were it not for some long-kept DNA, he might have remained here in prison… Read More →

Defense lawyer admits money laundering in drug case

By MARK MORRIS The Kansas City Star A prominent Kansas City criminal defense lawyer pleaded guilty Wednesday in Kansas federal court to laundering money that he thought came from illegal drug sales. In reality, the money came from an undercover federal agent involved in a sting operation. Ronald E. Partee, 66, admitted that he and the operators of a Northland credit counseling service, Forbes and Newhard Credit Solutions, agreed to help hide the source of the money. Partee discussed the storage of marijuana, according to federal court records. He also advised the undercover agent on the risk of using drug… Read More →

Amendment on judge selection advances in Kansas

By BRAD COOPER The Kansas City Star The Kansas Legislature took a big step Wednesday toward making a sweeping change in how appeals court judges are picked. The Senate voted 28-12 to pass a constitutional amendment that would give the governor the power to pick appellate judges. That measure would let the governor select judges for the Kansas Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The nominations would have to be confirmed by the Senate. The bill needed two-thirds support of the Senate — or 27 votes — for passage. The bill now goes to the House, where Democrats believe… Read More →

District attorney says Shawnee violated spirit of open meetings law

By KAREN DILLON The Kansas City Star The Shawnee City Council violated the spirit of the Kansas open meetings law when “backroom deals” were made to elect the mayor’s uncle to a council seat, Johnson County District Attorney Stephen Howe said Wednesday. Howe’s decision was especially hard on Mayor Jeff Meyers, saying he found the mayor’s actions “unacceptable.” Meyers did not return phone calls asking for comment. The problem began last May when the Ward 2 seat was vacated and the council had to find a replacement. Several people applied, including Mike Kemmling, who had just lost a council race… Read More →