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Kansas City crime lab delays create backlog of criminal cases

With the advent of modern forensics technology, criminal trials have changed markedly. In the past, investigators had to rely mostly on testimony from witnesses in order to gain information regarding an alleged crime. But with the availability of fingerprint, DNA, chemical substance and ballistic analysis, police are now able to pinpoint the evidence that can make or break a criminal case. But the Kansas City Police Department has reported that getting results back from the city’s crime lab can take months. This delay certainly creates problems for police investigating a criminal situation. But it also creates hardship for individuals who… Read More →

Overland Park man allegedly sold drugs to KU basketball players

An earlier blog post discussed the recent arrest of 25 Kansas residents allegedly involved in a large marijuana production ring in Johnson and Douglas counties. All the individuals received federal conspiracy charges for drug distribution. Since the initial arrests, a federal drug investigation has revealed that one of the people arrested on drug charges, a man from Overland Park, allegedly sold marijuana to several University of Kansas basketball players. A federal judge authorized the use of wiretaps and mobile phone surveillance in the investigation. Apparently, the Overland Park man’s cell phone was used to send text messages concerning the distribution… Read More →

Kansas man convicted of murder charge sentenced to life

A 38-year-old Kansas man facing a murder charge for the death of a 14-year-old cheerleader has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. This is the mandatory minimum sentence for anyone convicted of a capital murder charge in Kansas. At trial, prosecutors presented a great deal of circumstantial evidence. Witnesses stated the victim was last seen leaving her home on her way to a party. The prosecution presented evidence from text messages that the defendant had allegedly picked up the teenage girl that night. The victim and the defendant were already acquainted, having met… Read More →

Kansas residents charged with federal drug crime

Federal prosecutors have arrested 25 Kansas residents in connection with an alleged marijuana distribution ring in Douglas and Johnson counties that reportedly operated from April 2008 through June 2012. Both federal and state law enforcement officers arrested the defendants, and now they have been charged in a single-count complaint. Specifically, the 25 defendants are each charged with one federal drug crime of conspiracy to possess more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana with the intent to distribute the controlled substance. The case is currently under investigation by federal authorities and more details are expected to be released in about a month.… Read More →

Kansas robbery results in federal charges due to franchise

When an individual becomes a target for federal officials, it can be a very stressful and life-altering situation. Depending upon the nature of the crime for which a person is being accused, they may face charges under state or federal law. Some crimes, including robbery, can be either a violation of state law or federal law. It depends upon the facts of the alleged crime. This is evidenced in a recent case concerning the robbery of a Kansas Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Two men were accused of robbing a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in early June. After the men were… Read More →

Overland Park teacher receives probation for sex with students

When people are accused of a sex crime in Kansas, they are often demonized due to the nature of the alleged offense. However, not every sex crime is the same. Some offenses occur simply as a result of poor judgment. Nevertheless, a sex crime charge often brings with it a permanently damaged reputation even before a defendant stands trial. A strong sex crime defense strategy may be one of the only ways for defendants to minimize damage to their names. The Johnson County District Court recently ordered a three-year probation term for a former Shawnee Mission teacher who pleaded guilty… Read More →

Kansas postmaster found guilty of embezzlement

A federal jury has found the former postmaster for the small town of Whiting, Kansas, guilty of making a false writing and embezzlement of public funds. These offenses, both white collar crimes, resulted in a shortage of over $7,000 in the post office’s account. An auditor discovered the shortage of money, which occurred while the postmaster was responsible for running the Whiting post office. This discrepancy in bookkeeping led to the charges against the postmaster. Because the man was an employee of the U.S. government and he allegedly embezzled public funds, he was tried in a federal court. The penalties… Read More →

Kansas man faces federal charges for allegedly hiring hit man

It is usually the state’s responsibility to deal with violations of state statute. But sometimes a crime that breaks a state law is also a federal crime. This is the situation a Kansas man finds himself in after police arrested him for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill his wife. A confidential informant recently contacted Kansas City police to report that a Basehor man allegedly discussed hiring him to kill his wife. The informant called the suspect to say he was holding the man’s wife and daughter. This was not the truth, but undercover investigation is legal and informants… Read More →

Kansas City man receives federal sentence for firearm possession

Conviction of a federal crime can mean consequences extending beyond jail time and fines. It can mean that a convicted felon loses rights granted to other residents of Kansas. One example of this is the right to own a fire arm. A Kansas City man has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison without parole as a result of being a felon in possession of a fire arm and fatally shooting a man In addition to facing state court charges related to the victim’s death, the man was charged with a violation of a federal statute known as the… Read More →

Alleged marijuana operation in Leavenworth brings drug charges

When a Sheriff’s Office tactical unit served a search warrant on a rural Leavenworth residence, Kansas authorities uncovered an alleged marijuana operation and arrested a 34-year-old man. Firearms, paraphernalia, cash, and approximately twelve mature and four starter marijuana plants were seized by the authorities. Reports indicate that approximately ten pounds of “processed” marijuana was also found. There were no initial reports as to how the police came to suspect the residence in question, although the fact that a search warrant was executed at the residence tends toward the conclusion that the location was the focus of an ongoing drug crime… Read More →

Dealers hammered with murder charges in the fight against heroine

One user got his fix of heroine but something went wrong. The user collapsed and his dealer refused to let any one call 9-1-1, likely because he didn’t want to deal with the authorities. Instead, the dealer thought that he would be capable of reviving the collapsed man so he began sticking frozen meat in the man’s pants in an effort to make him regain consciousness. It didn’t work, the man died of an overdose. Now, that dealer is spending the rest of his life behind bars on conviction of drug charges. The public perception of heroine used to be… Read More →

Kansas man not require to register as a sex offender

In an unusual sex crime case, a Kansas man that plead guilty to molesting a dog and was convicted in Sedgwick County, will not have to forcibly register on the sex offender registry. Presence on the sex offender registry is required when an individual is found guilty of committing a “sexually motivated crime” that would be proven to gratify the individual. The man in question was found guilty of criminal sodomy after charges came about resulting from the individual’s contact with his roommate’s Rottweiler. While criminal sodomy charges can result from contact with an animal, another law determines whether registration… Read More →