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Former North Kansas City Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – According to court documents, 31-year-old Samuel D. Waltemath was involved in a sex case for which he is charged with first-degree statutory rape and first-degree child molestation in Clay County as the age of the child who was the victim of the sexual abuse was less than 14 years. Bond for the former North Kansas City Schools teacher is set at $250,000. North Kansas City Schools spokeswoman, Michelle Cronk, told that Waltemath resigned from the district and the cause of his resign is not linked to the allegations. He has not been employed by the district… Read More →

Hutchinson Is Not The Worst Crime City In Kansas

Blog owner, Annie Sandmeier, in her blog “Only in Your state” listed the top 9 dangerous cities in Kansas which showed Hutchinson at the 1st position. Sandmeier used statistics provided by FBI for the year 2013. She wrote that the number of different crimes in Hutchinson is: 251 Violent crimes 3 murders 27 robberies cases 2,264 property crimes cases She listed the cities starting from the city with the highest crime rate and ending with the city with the lowest crime rate. The list is as follows: Hutchinson Wichita Coffeyville Topeka Kansas City Fort Scott Great Bend Concordia Arkansas City… Read More →

Kansas Compensation Board Awards Thousands Of Dollars To Crime Victims

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board awarded $250,920.10 in financial assistance to 254 victims of violent crimes at its July meeting according to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt. The awards were made to 134 new cases and 120 previously submitted cases were paid additional expenses. The Crime Victims Compensation program is administered by the Division of Crime Victims Compensation in Schmidt’s office, which was established in 1978. The sole purpose of the Crime Victims Compensation program was to help victims of violent crimes pay for unexpected expenses they incurred in the form of medical expenses, mental health… Read More →

Chase Suspect Arrested In Kansas City

AURORA, Colo. – 27-year-old Adrian Charles Little Bear was taken into custody who was chased by the police in a motor vehicle pursuit after he led cops through the crime spot of a shooting in which a cop was involved. The crime happened Saturday along Interstate 70. Authorities pursued Little Bear along I-70 after the incident. The pursuit started at 8 a.m. on Saturday in Lincoln County. Details of why the pursuit was started were not given by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. From the crime scene, the suspect went west on I-70 where the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputy killed… Read More →

Kansas City Man Gets 6 Months In Hate Crime

36-year-old Gregory Duncan punched a marine for favoring a gay friend and he didn’t appear on his hearing. For the offense, he was sentenced by Douglas County District Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf to 1 year to 1 and a half year in jail. He will serve 6 months before becoming eligible for parole, 9 months prior to his release from jail, according to the state law where he lives. After the sentencing, Duncan’s lawyer James Martin Davis told, “There were 2 assaults in this case. My client assaulted a man in the Old Market. And he assaulted himself by shooting… Read More →

Kansas Crime Victims Awarded More Than $355,000 In May

At its May meeting, Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board agreed to pay the amount of $355,071.06 to victims of violent crimes. According to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, 276 victims in 145 new cases and 131 cases previously submitted will be awarded financial assistance to pay for unexpected counseling, mental health, medical bills, dependent support and burial costs as well as for lost wages. Funds are given to the Crime Victims Compensation program by the assessed fines and court costs, inmate wages, parole fees and restitution paid by convicts. Awards are settled at $25,000 per case. News source:

Kansas City rated among the worst cities nationwide for violent crimes

KANSAS, Mo. – Kansas City is the 14th most dangerous city in the country as shown by the latest available FBI data from the year 2013. Statistics show that the number of violent crimes in Kansas City is 5,864 with 99 murders reported. Other than that, there were 377 rape cases and 1,662 robbery cases. There were also 3,726 cases of assaults. The rate per 100,000 individuals there is 1,268 violent crimes. The national average is almost a third of that at 336 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals. The number of violent crimes obtained from KCPD showed something different. The… Read More →

University Of Kansas Releases Annual Crime Report

LAWRENCE, Kan. – According to the school’s public safety office report, crime in the University of Kansas campus has increased. The 2014 crime report has been released by the university which showed a 24 percent increase in campus crime as compared with the year 2013. According to the Campus police, it is easy to see the 24 percent increase and think it is only indicative of an increase in crime but campus police argue that increase has to do more with reporting crime and vigilance. KU student Laura Reynolds said, “I have never been in a position where I felt… Read More →

Kansas City Police End Standoff After Determining No Crime Committed

On Thursday, a standoff on the city’s East Side ended by the Kansas City police after determining no crime had been committed there. According to the police, emergency medical responders were called to the 2300 block of Lawndale Avenue around 3:30 p.m. According to details, a man called 911 for medical assistance. When they approached the door, the resident, a man in his 60s, threatened to shoot them and any individual who entered. Police were called and attempted to persuade the man to surrender without any attempt to escape from the home. A police spokesman told that at about 6… Read More →

Kansas City Man Faces Felony Charges In I-70 Shooting Rampage

In the incident that happened on Wednesday, a Kansas City man faces felony charges in St. Louis and Warren counties for a shooting rampage on Interstate 70 due to which 2 motorists sustained injuries. 22-year-old Reginald D. Adams Jr. was charged on Thursday in St. Louis County with 9 felonies in which assault of a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action, first-degree assault and resisting arrest were included. He was being held in lieu of $250,000 cash-only bail. He faces 12 charges, six counts each of first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon in Warren County. His bail was… Read More →

Our 9th Circus

First, I want to say that I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton.  Quite frankly, I didn’t trust either one.  Be that as it may, Donald Trump is our President.  Being President comes with certain powers.  Like it or not, President Trump has those powers…unless, as some Judges believe, a Judge disagrees with his politics. Recently, the States of Washington and Hawaii sued in Federal Court to block President Trump’s Executive Order restricting travel from certain countries, on the grounds that those countries are majority Muslim and the Orders are discriminatory.  Federal Judges in both states ruled for the States… Read More →

Attorney General To Grant Financial Assistance To 189 Kansas Crime Victims

189 victims of violent crimes have been awarded financial assistance by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. The assistance was provided as part of the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Program. According to a news release, a total of 102 awards were made in new cases at the compensation board’s meeting and additional expenses were paid in 87 previously submitted cases. The total amount of awards was $202,085.53. According to the release, the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board was established in 1978 in an effort to help victims of violent crimes pay for unexpected costs associated with medical treatment, counseling, lost wages,… Read More →