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Compensation Award to be shared by victims of violent crimes in Kansas

More than a hundred victims of violent crimes will be awarded money from the $300,000 compensation by the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board. The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board awarded 106 victims a total of almost $283,000, announced by the Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt. The program is created to assist victims of violent crimes pay for expenses such as medical treatment, counseling, loss wages, funerals and dependent support related to a violent crime. In the board’s meeting which was held in December, the decisions were made. Awards were given to 46 new cases and 60 cases that were submitted… Read More →

Kansas Supreme Court to hear ‘Hard 50’ cases

TOPEKA – This week, lawyers will go before the Kansas Supreme Court to discuss cases linked with the state’s “Hard 50” prison sentence and whether alteration to the law which was made in September by legislators can be applied retroactively. During a two-day special session, the law was rewritten by legislators in response to a June U.S. Supreme Court ruling in which imposing of mandatory minimum sentences in criminal cases is also involved. The justices said that juries must pay attention to the aggravating and mitigating situations when the sentences are being determined. Prior to the alteration made in the… Read More →

Kansas attorney general’s office to handle Parsons quadruple homicide case

PARSONS, Kan. – The criminal prosecution of a man suspected of killing a young mother and her 3 children will be handled by the Kansas attorney general’s office. On Tuesday, 22-year-old David Cornell Bennett Jr. was taken into custody in the southeast Kansas City of Independence. He is being held on $5 million bail. According to the AG’s office, the Labette County attorney requested the agency to handle the case. Bennett has not been formally charged in the killings of 29-year-old Cami Umbarger and her children. One was 9-year-old Hollie Betts; the other two were 6-year-old Jaxon Betts and 4-year-old… Read More →

Construction begins on new KCPD crime lab in east Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO – On Tuesday, shovels were put in the ground by the Kansas City officials for the constructing of a new crime lab and patrol station. At 10 a.m. on the East Campus construction site on Wabash Avenue, between 26th and 27th streets, a groundbreaking ceremony was held by the City leaders. The place where old homes were several years back is now a place for a new East Patrol Police Station and Crime Lab Campus. According to the police officers, their old station and crime lab was not so big and it was old but by the… Read More →

79-year-old Kansas man sentenced for sex crime

According to the Kansas Attorney General, Derek Schmidt, a Minneapolis man was sentenced to almost 13 years in jail on Tuesday after being convicted of sex crimes earlier this year. Bernard Wallin, 79, was sentenced to one hundred and fifty five months in the Kansas Department of Corrections by Chief Judge Jerome P. Hellmer in Ottawa County District Court. In August, he pleaded guilty to one count of rape, buy tramadol product online three counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. The charges originated from an investigation which was done by the Minneapolis Police Department… Read More →

Riley County Police Department report Kansas computer crime

The Riley County Police Department took a report of computer crime on Monday for an incident that started on 31st of October. Kansas became the victim of this crime when they received a computer virus from an unidentified subject, according to the police Manhattan Broadcasting Company of Manhattan. The virus locked their computer files and asked that the Manhattan Broadcasting Company has to send payment if they want to restore their documents. The incident is still under investigation by the police and the officers said that any person with information related to the crime can contact RCPD or the lasix… Read More →

Kansas City Police arrest 14 people in DUI Checkpoint

A sobriety checkpoint was conducted by Kansas City police for 5 hours which resulted in 11 DUI arrests and a stolen vehicle was also recovered. The checkpoint which was conducted at 634 Prospect Avenue, started from 11 p.m. on Friday and ended at 4 a.m. on Saturday. In 5 hours, the number of vehicles stopped by the police officers was 253. Other than the arrests made for driving under the influence, police officers found 2 individuals in possession of cocaine, 1 in possession of marijuana, 1 involved with an auto theft and 16 with city warrants. Officers also charged 10… Read More →

19 arrested for DUI at Kansas City sobriety checkpoint

Nineteen drivers who were driving under the influence were taken into custody while passing through a sobriety checkpoint in Kansas City, North, that was conducted on Friday night and Saturday morning. The checkpoint was conducted by Kansas City police and Missouri Highway Patrol troopers on U.S. 169 adjacent to Wheeler Downtown Airport. The total number of cars that were stopped at the checkpoint was 1,109. The operation was of 4 hours which ended at 4 a.m. Saturday. Other than the individuals taken into custody for driving under the influence, 5 motorists were charged for operating a vehicle with a suspended… Read More →

Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board provided support to 63 crime victims

TOPEKA, KAN. – According to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, sixty three crime victims were awarded financial assistance yesterday by the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board at its October meeting. Awards were given to the 22 new victims and the remaining forty one victims were also awarded whose cases were previously submitted. The total amount which was awarded is $134,910.23. The Crime Victims Compensation program is managed by the Division of Crime Victims Compensation in Schmidt’s office, which was founded in 1978 to provide assistance to victims of violent crimes and pay for their unexpected expenses such as medical treatment,… Read More →

More than 100 Kansas Crime Victims receive support

TOPEKA, KAN. – According to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, 105 victims of crime were given financial support yesterday by the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board at its September meeting. Awards were made in forty three new cases and sixty two previously submitted cases. The total amount that was awarded was $271,577. The Division of Crime Victims Compensation started in 1978 to assist victims of violent crimes under the Crime Victims Compensation program; they pay for their unexpected expenses such as medical treatment, mental health counseling, lost wages, dependent support and funeral costs. Claims that are eligible for payment and… Read More →