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Brother Of A 20-Year-Old Killed In Overland Park Crash Urges Hit And Run Driver To Come Forward

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The brother of a 20-year-old victim who died in a hit-and-run accident is requesting the driver to come forward.

On Monday, images of a dark-colored Honda Odyssey were made public by the Overland Park Police which was believed to be involved in an accident that killed 2 individuals on Saturday.

20-year-old Samuel Siebuhr was behind the wheel of the gold Toyota Avalon which was hit by a van. The collision sent it across the median of 151st Street into the path of a vehicle being driven by 18-year-old Matthew Bloskey.

Both drivers, Siebuhr and Bloskey, died at the accident spot.

Cops are requesting witnesses to give information of the van or the accident if anyone had seen it happening live.

Brother of Samuel Siebuhr, Timothy Siebuhr said, “Just me placing myself in their shoes — even if they didn’t mean to, they must be scared. But it’s better if you admit to what you’ve done, own up to your mistakes.”

Siebuhr was a student of automotive technology at Kansas City Kansas Community College. His brother told that he had love for order modafinil vehicles and he was a mechanic. He added that their last conversation was about the car in which he died. Timothy had decided to purchase that car from Samuel.

Timothy, Samuel, and their sister grew up in foster care after the death of their adopted parents. Timothy said, “Many of us have different struggles in life. For me, it was my parents and now my brother. No matter how far down in the gutter you are, you have to pick yourself back up.”

On Monday, the seniors of Bloskey remembered him by placing flowers in his parking spot at school.

It is believed that images of the van involved in the accident will help in searching the driver.


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