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35-Year-Old Overland Park Woman Charged With Arson In July Apartment Fire
September 25, 2018

35-year-old Shanda Braithwaite is charged for arson as she set an apartment on fire on 28th of Alphagan online no prescription The apartment which was set on fire was located near 92nd Street and Robinson in Overland Park, Kansas.canadian online pharmacy no prescription The incident was severe; a man was caught in the apartment with his overnight pharmacy no prescription They both were rescued by firefighters. Braithwaite included various charges including: 5 counts of aggravated arson 1 count arson of a dwelling Felony count of theft Her bond is set at $250,000. Source:

Man Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Overland Park Shooting Incident
September 6, 2018

OLATHE, Kan. – Elijah Lewis King has been charged with second-degree murder for being involved in a shooting case due to which an individual died and a child sustained injuries. The shooting case occurred at a duplex near 83rd and Switzer on Tuesday morning. He shot his girlfriend’s father, 52-year-old David Slater and also his daughter, who was just 6-year-old. It was said that he was visiting his girlfriend with his daughter when a verbal fight ended in shooting which left his daughter injured and the girlfriend’s father dead. King’s charges also included aggravated battery and aggravated endangerment of a… Read More →

Man Takes Own Life In Overland Park As Authorities Were Attempting To Serve Him With A Warrant
September 5, 2018

On Wednesday, a man attempted suicide in Overland Park as authorities were trying to serve him with a warrant. At around 3:15 p.m., the deputies saw a man inside the house and then the sound of a gunshot was heard after which they asked the residents nearby to leave their homes. They also set up a perimeter. They found the man dead after 5 hours at around 8:30 p.m. The location of the incident was Goodman Street and 142nd Terrace due to which it was shut down for several zithromax generic over the counter Other streets in the… Read More →

20-Year-Old Repeat Offender Charged With Exposing Himself To Woman In Overland Park
May 14, 2018

20-year-old Dustin Christopher Warren, who is on probation for indecent exposure, is facing a new charge related to an incident that happened on Monday. The incident occurred in a residential area near Metcalf Avenue and College Boulevard for which he is charged for lewd as well as lascivious behavior. According to court documents, he was charged in 2017 in another Overland Park case. Other than that, he was also investigated for 2 other indecent exposure incidents in Leawood. Back in February, he pleaded guilty in the Overland Park case and was placed on probation for 1 year. Under the plea… Read More →

Officer-Involved Shooting In Overland Park Leaves A Man Dead
February 7, 2018

On Saturday, a shooting incident involving a cop left an individual dead. The individual died due to a gunshot wound after police arrived in the 9300 block of West 149th Terrace to see an individual who was reportedly trying to harm themselves, according to Keith Jenkins. The victim was taking his car out of the garage when he sustained the gunshot wound. According to a cop, “As the responding officers approached the residence to make contact, the garage door opened and a vehicle exited the garage, moving rapidly toward one of the responding officers. The officer discharged his service weapon… Read More →

Court Hearing For Overland Park Man Charged With Killing His Wife
January 22, 2018

On Thursday, 30-year-old Robert Lee Harris Jr., who was charged for killing his wife, appeared in court for the first hearing On Monday, Harris called the cops to his apartment and reported his wife missing. After some i can order xanax online time, he accepted that he knows something about why she disappeared. His wife’s dead body was found on Tuesday in Cass County. Harris was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 38-year-old Tanisha Harris and his bail was set at $1 million. He is in jail as he didn’t post bail. Court records don’t show any detail… Read More →

Body Of Missing Overland Park Teen Found In KCMO
January 8, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – 18-year-old Mikayla Norris went missing on Sunday. Police found her dead body on Tuesday. She was last seen on 17th of December around 8:30 p.m. at her job at Jack Stack BBQ at 95th & Metcalf. Her parents reported her missing as they felt something strange and thought their daughter may be in danger. On Tuesday at about 12:30 p.m., her car was seen by a woman. She took a picture of the vehicle and the person behind its wheel who was identified as McCoy Lee by the police. Gladstone police contacted Overland Park police after… Read More →

Dijon Willis of Overland Park Charged With Six Separate Counts of Sex Crimes Against Children
December 22, 2017

OLATHE, KS – On Tuesday, Dijon Willis was sent to prison around 2:30 p.m. as he was charged for 6 separate counts of sex crimes against children. The other charges he is facing include: 5 counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child 1 count of attempted sexual exploitation of a child Willis was an employee of Kids TLC in Olathe, which treats behavior health and autism. He got involved in the sex cases during duty timings. Other employees of TLC are witnesses. The time period during which the crimes were committed started from October 2013 to June 2015. Court… Read More →

25-Year-Old Overland Park Man Shot At Officer During High Speed Chase
December 11, 2017

MORGAN COUNTY, Mo. – On Thursday morning, a 25-year-old Overland Park man was taken into custody after a pursuit at the high rate of speed. On 20th of November, Camden County Sheriff’s Department notified the Versailles Police, Stover Police, and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office that the cops are chasing a dark-colored Dodge truck. The timing was 10:20 a.m. After some time at around 11:13 a.m., the Morgan Sheriff’s Office came to know about a bank robbery by an unknown caller. The caller told the police that a male, who was dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt with a bandana… Read More →

28-Year-Old Overland Park Man Charged With Raping A Drugged Co-Worker
November 24, 2017

28-year-old Logan Grant Kleen has been charged for raping a 21-year-old co-worker who was intoxicated. The case happened in March of previous year, when the girl went out with co-workers. After consuming drugs, she fell asleep at Kleen’s home and when she woke up; she saw him having sex with her. She asked him to stop multiple times. She told the cops that she consumed alcohol that night and she didn’t feel normal to go home. She didn’t exactly remember what happened. Her blood sample showed that she had “date-rape drug” in her system. Kleen said he was also under… Read More →

29-Year-Old Drunk Driver Sentenced For Causing Wreck That Killed Olathe School Instructor
November 13, 2017

On Wednesday, 29-year-old James R. McAllister, who caused an accident in 2016 and left an Olathe school instructor dead, was sentenced to more than 9 years in jail. McAllister was behind the wheel drunk when he caused the crash. This was not the first time when he was driving drunk. He had 2 prior DUI convictions and also pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle without installation of an ignition interlock device. 24-year-old Caitlin Vogel of Stilwell died in the accident that happened on 31st of May 2016 and McAllister pleaded guilty in September involuntary manslaughter charge. The location of the… Read More →

Felony Charge Filed Against Man Shot By Overland Park Police
October 27, 2017

A case is under investigation by the police that happened on Monday afternoon as a man was shot by a cop inside a luxury apartment community. The cops were reported about a man who was going to commit suicide. They were called to the apartment building, according to the Police spokesman John Lacy. It was confirmed by the police through a news release that the man had called 911 and said he had a knife and was threatening to kill himself and his wife. Before the news release, the cops present at the scene said that it was not confirmed… Read More →