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All charges dropped in alleged family sex crime case
July 22, 2013

Six elder members of a family were accused of a string of unusual sex crimes, including wedding younger relatives to older male relatives to allow intercourse. Further allegations of bestiality, pregnancy and murder were also brought forth. Multiple of the accused family members spent time behind bars awaiting trial. The alleged crimes, which are said to have occurred about 30 miles east of Kansas City on a family farm, resulted in the arrest of the family members in 2009. However, all charges have been dropped. Initially, charges against one of the six family members were dropped last year owing to… Read More →

Kansas man, wife and son charged with white collar crimes

One Kansas contractor originally pleaded not guilty to several charges of white collar crimes but now has a change of plea hearing scheduled for April 9. The charges include money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the government, making false statements, wire fraud and major program fraud. According to a federal indictment, the Kansas man claimed earnings of multiple citations and medals — four Bronze Stars, three Purple hearts and three Silver Stars — acquired for his service in Vietnam. Authorities allege that the Kansas contractor won over $6 million in federal contracts due to a falsely-claimed disability. The Kansas contractor that… Read More →

Kansas man sentenced to 6 months in federal prison

One Kansas man pled guilty to wire fraud, food stamp fraud and conspiracy. It appears that in this federal crime a Kansas grocery store operated by the man was giving recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program only about half the value they were entitled while the man pocketed the remainder. The charges came after an extensive investigation involving surveillance of the Kansas grocery store, computerized detection systems and the use of undercover investigators. However, the man received a fairly lenient sentence because of the defendant’s familial situation. It appears the man has five children and his wife speaks no English… Read More →

Kansas authorities make drug arrest after pocket-dial

Drug busts can come in many forms but Kansas law officials report that one unusual case in particular may be the first of its kind. Pocket-dial induced arrest. Police speculate that a pair of drug dealers misdialed or possibly accidentally dialed 911 as they were in the midst of discussing their plans to distribute illegal substances, thereby incriminating themselves and leading to their drug charges. Not only did the suspects mistakenly dial the Kansas police, they were arguing about the plans to distribute drugs, making their illegal activity all the more audible. The dispatcher that received the misdirected call silently… Read More →

Kansas man contests classification as sexually violent predator

Attaching the phrase sexually violent predator to an individual’s name is a loaded label that can stick for life. Being convicted of sex crimes holds serious consequences. One man in Kansas faced much stigma when he was convicted of being just that — a sexually violent predator. When this Kansas man went to court to contest this classification after being convicted of committing aggravated indecent liberties with a child in 1999, he had the odds stacked against him. Turns out he is one of the few that beat the odds — the Kansas man was released from custody Feb. 22.… Read More →

No drug charges for former heavyweight champ

Former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison learned this week that prosecutors have dropped the charges related to his 2010 arrest in Kansas for possession of marijuana. This is the second time the boxer has eluded drug charges in this state. In March 2010, officers found Morrison sitting in his vehicle, parked outside of a gym. Morrison claimed he was reading the Bible before going in for his workout. The charges included one count each of marijuana possession with a prior conviction and possession of drug paraphernalia. Morrison was convicted on drugs and weapons charges in the late ’90s. He spent more… Read More →