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Chase Suspect Arrested In Kansas City

AURORA, Colo. – 27-year-old Adrian Charles Little Bear was taken into custody who was chased by the police in a motor vehicle pursuit after he led cops through the crime spot of a shooting in which a cop was involved. The crime happened Saturday along Interstate 70.

Authorities pursued Little Bear along I-70 after the incident. The pursuit started at 8 a.m. on Saturday in Lincoln County.

Details of why the pursuit was started were not given by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

From the crime scene, the suspect went west on I-70 where the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputy killed a suspect in a shooting after a pursuit that took place Saturday morning near Strasburg.

Little Bear was searched by the cops in a Kansas City Walmart parking lot while he was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle with Colorado plates, told the police. Little Bear was taken into custody on Sunday.

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