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Catching your new boyfriend, someone you deeply trust, touching your child is traumatic and heart-wrenching on many levels. You were likely flooded with a range of emotions when you caught him, such as shock, anger, guilt, and a profound sense of betrayal. Realizing your child’s safety and well-being have been violated by the person you have the most intimate relationship with can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

Know that you aren’t alone. Seek the support of your family and close friends. But for matters that require exercising legal recourse, turn to a child endangerment defense attorney you can trust, who knows the law and how to effectively navigate the legal system on your behalf.

Paul D. Cramm can be that attorney for you. At Paul D. Cramm, we understand the profound emotional turmoil and stress you’re experiencing. We specialize in cases just like the one unfolding before your very eyes and are here to support you in every way possible—not just in a court of law but also through the emotional and practical challenges you are facing outside of court. We’re committed to providing you with the compassionate and comprehensive legal and emotional support to hold your boyfriend fully accountable.

Our proven track record of helping people through their sensitive and complex child molestation cases in Leawood, KS, and beyond speaks for itself. Partnering with Paul D. Cramm means you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the care and support you need to navigate this incredibly challenging time. We’ll do anything and everything we can to ensure you and your child receive justice.

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Understanding Child Molestation Cases

Child Molestation Attorney, Leawood, KS

The Basics

Child molestation refers to any sexual act or behavior perpetrated against a child by an adult. This can include inappropriate touching, exposure to sexual content, or other forms of sexual abuse. Child molestation is a serious crime with severe consequences, affecting not only whoever is found guilty but also leaving lasting emotional and psychological impacts on the victims.

Necessary Steps To Take Now

You may already be attempting to contact an attorney over the child molestation you have on your hands by virtue of visiting this web page, but it’s vital you address some other significant things after you realize molestation against your child has occurred.

Ensure Immediate Safety

Remove your child from the situation where they were inappropriately touched and do not let them be in that situation ever again. Sever relations with your boyfriend immediately.

Report To Law Enforcement

Contact your local law enforcement at once and report the crime. They’ll conduct an investigation and perhaps even detain the abuser.

Seek Medical And Psychological Support

Get your child the medical attention they need to address any physical harm they've suffered. Don’t stop there—ensure they receive psychological support as well. Prompt action helps build a strong base of evidence for your case while providing practical help for your child.

Contact An Attorney

Engaging with a child protective services attorney who specializes in child molestation cases is vital for you and your child’s long-term well-being. Paul D. Cramm offers the experience and sensitivity needed to handle your case effectively and compassionately.

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How Can Paul D. Cramm Help Me?

Child Molestation Attorney, Leawood, KS

An experienced and knowledgeable child protection lawyer from Paul D. Cramm will guide you along the entirety of the legal process. This invaluable guidance will put you in a much better position than you’d be on your own or with a general practice law firm that doesn’t have the specialization Paul D. Cramm does.

With our specialization, we’ll gather evidence, represent you in court, and do everything in our power to see your boyfriend held responsible. We’ll go as far as to get a restraining order put in place while your case is being deliberated as an additional layer of protection for your child.

Protect Your Child Now

Paul D. Cramm—Leawood, KS

Taking action against your boyfriend now is vital to ensuring your child is not hurt by them any more than they already have been, as well as ensuring they receive justice for the wrongs they have suffered.

Paul D. Cramm is here to support you in your Leawood, KS, child molestation case every step of the way. You and your child’s future and safety are our highest priorities, and we’re eager to show you how. Email or call us today at (913) 322-3265 to schedule a confidential consultation. We’ll listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and outline the best path to take given your situation.

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