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COVID-19 and Your Sex Crime, DUI or Domestic Violence Case

During this time, your world likely seems to have changed entirely. If you have or have recently had a Sex Crime, DUI, or Domestic Violence Case, you are likely feeling extremely uncertain, scared, worried, or confused during such uncertain times. The significant limitations presented to those in these situations have been amplified due to new national and state legislations. Other pressures from the COVID-19 national emergency are likely also presenting an overwhelming sense of stress during this time.

The great amount of frustration due to changed and postponed legal dates can feel extremely trouncing, especially with the global financial ramifications of the virus. The burdens of criminal defense, or domestic violence cases are always tremendous under any circumstance; yet, during this unclear time, these gravities can feel excruciating.

More than 2.3 million cases of Corona-Virus have been reported, and many countries and states are altering laws, placing deterrents and temporarily postponing all non-essential gatherings in attempts to slow the spread of the vastly transmissible disease. In the state of Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey assigned a Stay at Home order and requested its citizens, “Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected.” Throughout this period, merely “essential businesses” will continue to work normally.

The US legal system is following national coronavirus actions by restricting services, prohibiting personal presences, postponing court dates, and temporarily closing facilities. Due to these extensive changes, they have altered the way the justice system works in the US. Though it may make you wearisome and scared, it is imperative to contact your lawyer to discuss the most preemptive approach for your individual situation. Governor Ducey’s new legislation regards legal services as an “essential business” during the pandemic state of emergency, so all law offices should remain open during this time. The provisional closure of both the courts, many government facilities, and agencies (including the Department of Transportation), has caused many court dates to be moved or tentatively scheduled for later dates after the government deems reopening is safe. All courts in Arizona are presently scheduled for temporary closure until the first of May 2020.

During these times, police are still considered essential workers and, consequently, they are still operating. Though there have been some legislation changes surrounding their duties. The world has changed due to shutdowns, which has led to many consequences, including a rise in crime in many cities. Therefore, law enforcement officers are on duty around the country at a standard frequency in order to observe both longstanding and new regulations. Call your attorney’s office if at any time you or someone you know is stopped or arrested by a member of the law enforcement. It is also crucial to contact your lawyer if you or someone you know is served a citation in the quarantine period.

Do you have a restricted license? To keep this regulated certificate, you are required to continue to follow your explicit state guidelines. Those with ignition interlock devices (IID) also are required to follow their mandatory rules. It is critical to abide by all other lawful practices to remain in possession of an authorized license despite the many COVID-19 changes. If you are concerned about how legislations apply to you during this time, you can visit your state’s website online or connect with your lawyer to stay up to date with all modifications.

Most law companies are functioning normally at this time and there to support you. Your lawyer will answer any of your inquiries. They can walk you through all of the necessary steps you need to take now as well as in the future. Talking to an attorney about your circumstance is the paramount approach to advancing your case so you can concentrate your efforts on what matters most to you: your family, health, and your job.

During this time, there is so much uncertainty due to the seemingly never-ending pandemic. This time secluded indoors can lead to unwanted relationship strains and hardships. These situations are common across the world, as people continue to find new patterns and schedules. The adversities and hindrances in households can alter relationships and in some instances result in domestic violence. If you personally are affected, make a phone call or send an email to your attorney. They will aid you during this time by leading you in the right direction throughout the quarantine. Their goal is always to preserve family affiliations and support you.

Lawyers are finding alternative ways to assist anyone who needs it during this time. Many attorneys and their companies are working in their normal offices and have the same hours; however, they are attempting to minimize person to person interaction. Lawyers are providing their assistance in many different ways, including by phone, email, videoconference, and may even be willing to meet in person.

Once you and your attorney are communicating, it is essential to assess your possible preferences for conferring during the pandemic. Law offices all have different partialities for communication. However, most attorneys will offer both phone and video conferences. Video chatting is probably the most popular selection.  If you have at least two other people, video conferences are likely the easiest way for everyone to share. If there is a visual factor or photos or screens that need to be shared, the best option is definitely via video. These calls can be held on almost every smartphone. They can also be held by using a computer with a camera. You can access video chat apps easily through a clickable link. A phone call may be a better option for you if you don’t have access to the internet or to any of these devices.

Gaining access to files and signing documents from your attorney is very easy online as well. You are also able to return the files electronically. This way, your lawyer can ensure your wellbeing and health are prioritized during social distancing.

There are some situations when meeting in-person is necessary. If you do meet your attorney in person, it is important to follow CDC guidelines and social distance.

Your lawyer will keep you informed on all legal changes during this time. Make sure to reach out to your attorney regarding any questions you have on past or current legal circumstances.

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