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Crime Numbers Drop in Kansas City in First Half of 2014

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – According to Mayor Sly James, Kansas City is becoming a secure city as he has the numbers to prove it.

This year in the first 6 months, overall crime decreased 12% as compared to 2013. A “considerable” decrease in violent crime is seen, said the police.

This year till now, there have been 42 homicides in Kansas City but that is 25 less than 2013.

The number of crimes including rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults have also decreased.

Community initiatives like the Kansas City No Violence Alliance, have assisted decreasing the crime numbers, according to the police department.

Captain Tye Grant with the Kansas City Police Department said, “That is the ultimate in community effort and collaborative approach to reduction of violent crime”.

The credit is also given to “hot spot policing”, targeting areas which are known for violent crimes. In 2014, two of the four areas targeted haven’t had any homicides till now.

But it’s not all about taking the individuals into custody and enforcement of law.

Captain Grant said, “It wasn’t just for visibility in the cars but to get out the cars and meet people. Build a relationship if you want to use that word. But get to know the people in that community and make yourself accessible as an officer to the people in that community”.

Kansas City is seeing a decrease in property crimes as well, like burglary and theft. The only property crime seeing an increase is arson with 13 more cases in 2014. The rate of some crimes is still high and other crimes can increase as few months of this year are left. They continue to come up with methods to decrease crime and will not be satisfied until the homicide rate comes to zero, said the police.

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