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Dealers hammered with murder charges in the fight against heroine

One user got his fix of heroine but something went wrong. The user collapsed and his dealer refused to let any one call 9-1-1, likely because he didn’t want to deal with the authorities. Instead, the dealer thought that he would be capable of reviving the collapsed man so he began sticking frozen meat in the man’s pants in an effort to make him regain consciousness. It didn’t work, the man died of an overdose. Now, that dealer is spending the rest of his life behind bars on conviction of drug charges.

The public perception of heroine used to be that it is reserved for junkies and rock stars. This just isn’t the case anymore, with heroine becoming cheaper and more readily available across the United States, including in Kansas, the deadly drug is infiltrating the suburbs and authorities are responding with harsh sentences to curb the spread. Cheerleaders and suburban teens are overdosing generic adipex online on the substance, not just junkies and rock stars.

This former drug dealer turned inmate is not the only to be hammered by a crack down on heroine. The purity of heroine has sharply increased over recent years, allowing kids that don’t like the stigma of shooting up to smoke or snort the dangerous substance instead.

As a reaction to this, authorities are turning to seldom-used laws in pursuit of murder charges for individuals providing heroine. One prosecutor is quoted as saying, “We are going to treat every overdose scene like a crime scene. We are going to treat every overdose as a potential homicide. Heroine is the bullet.”

With such a stringent tightening on drug charges in Kansas and across the country, it is imperative that if an individual is charged, that individual seek counsel to avoid spending the rest of their life behind bars.

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