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Death Sentence Imposed On F. Glenn Miller Jr. In Overland Park Hate Crime Killings

On Tuesday, a 74-year-old Missouri man was sentenced to death as he killed 3 Christians by shooting.

Other than the death sentence, he was also charged for three counts of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharging a firearm into an occupied building.

The sentencing decision was made by the Johnson County District Judge, Kelly Ryan, on the recommendation of the jury that found F. Glenn Miller Jr. guilty of capital murder. The incident happened on 13th of August last year at Overland Park.

The violent behavior of Miller outside the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom care center left 3 individuals dead in which one was 14-year-old boy, second was the boy’s 69-year-old grandfather, and third was a 53-year-old woman who worked with visually impaired children.

On the day of the incident, Miller’s mission was to kill as many Jews as he could, which was not accomplished but according to him, his mission was a success.

At his trial, he told that he went to southern Missouri to Overland Park from his home with 4 firearms and a large amount of ammunition after getting the required information of the location.

A flier was present in Miller’s motor vehicle which was found by the cops and a singing competition was advertised with the flier that was at the community center. According to Miller, he selected that date for the shooting because he believed there will be a large number of “young Jews” and their families present there so he will get a chance to kill many of them.

After approaching the location, he stopped behind a parked pickup truck in which William Corporon and his grandson were seated, who was a participant in the singing competition.

Miller used a shotgun to shoot Corporon in the head and then he shot the boy in the face, they both died at the scene.

After killing 2, he fired at a man and his son who were walking in the parking lot but none of them get injured.

He then fired multiple shotgun and rifle shots into the community center’s White Theatre due to which the front windows shattered and the individuals present there ran inside diving for protection.

Miller saw an individual trying to escape in a motor vehicle and he fired a shot into his vehicle but he succeeded in escaping without any injury.

Jay Coombes, who was working at the theater, arrived there and as he got out of his motor vehicle, Miller fired half-a-dozen pistol shots at him but he sustained no injury.

Miller then attempted to shoot another man who had run after his motor vehicle in an attempt to get the license plate number but the man again didn’t sustain any injury.

After many attempts of killing individuals present near the center, he then drove to the nearby Village Shalom care center where he saw Terri LaManno, who was there to visit her mother. Miller pulled his shotgun and fired in her face and neck. He then turned the shotgun toward another woman and asked if she was a Jew, she replied “NO” so, he put the shotgun back in his motor vehicle and left the scene.

Miller approached an elementary school a few blocks away from the scene where he killed a woman and he parked there until police arrived. He told the cops that he was an anti-Semite and asked them, “How many did I get?”

Miller said at trial that the killings were not unfair because of what he termed the “Jewish genocide against the white race.”

Miller will stay in the special management unit at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in southeast Kansas where he will be locked up in the cell 23 hours a day. He will be given one hour a day to take a bath or exercise and as a punishment, he will not be given permission to communicate with other inmates.

It is the 2nd time that the death sentence is given in a case that is related to Johnson County since Kansas reinstated capital punishment in the year 1994. Prior to Miller, John E. Robinson Sr. was sentenced to death almost 12 years ago as he was a serial killer.

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