Paul D. Cramm

Does the Availability of Information Online Make Selecting an Untainted Jury Impossible?

Interviewer: Because the online world is still a new monster for most people in any profession, I can imagine the difficulty even it would cause you when trying to select even a jury of 12 peers that haven’t been affected by the news.

Paul: It is certainly difficult, and you’re right. The internet is such an emerging frontier that what we know and the factors that we’re dealing with today about any given online issue may have changed dramatically in 12 to 18 months. It’s just ever evolving, ever changing.  One thing that the internet has allowed us to do is to conduct extensive online review of all prospective jurors’ social media presence before they ever arrive at the court house for jury duty.  Think about how many places people can post pictures of every fancy meal they have ever ordered, pictures of every expensive vacation they have ever enjoyed, pictures of every impressive achievement their children have ever accomplished.  But what good are all these posts of no one can SEE them, right???  Many people have their online social media accounts wide open for all to see.  And along with all of the fancy dinners and desserts and vacations and graduations, people also post a lot of social commentary on issues like politics, gun control, abortion rights, and a whole host of other things that allow lawyers to have a much better understanding of who is showing up for jury duty and whether or not those folks have any deeply held beliefs that may affect their view of the evidence in any given case.

Interviewer: Yes, and new websites popping up every day, and new newspapers popping up every day. We have one here that’s called Busted. It’s a newspaper. You don’t even have to be convicted for anything; they can just print your mug shots and what you’re being charged with. I kind of feel for the attorneys having to fight the online monster here; I can imagine how that would make your job a little more difficult too. What courts in your area do you practice in regularly?

Attorney Paul D. Cramm Is Licensed in Kansas and Missouri and Practices in All the Municipal Courts in Johnson County, Kansas, the Federal Court in Kansas and the Western District Federal Court in Missouri

Paul: All of the municipal courts on the Kansas side in Johnson County, the Johnson County District Courts and both federal courts, United States District Court for the District of Kansas and for the Western District of Missouri. I am licensed in the state of Missouri. I handle some cases at the state level in Missouri, but the majority of my practice is on the Kansas side.

Interviewer: So once I have looked at your website and I’ve read through everything as a potential client, and I’m convinced that you would be a perfect fit for me, how would you go about or how would I then contact you to set up an initial consultation?

Contact Paul Cramm by Phone or Email, Even Outside of Normal Business Hours

Paul: Contact me from the contact tab online. If someone’s at work and is unable to have a phone call with their co-workers listening, they can just discreetly send an email to me. I will respond to that, and we’ll schedule a time to meet face-to-face at the office.

Certainly anyone can call the office any time. I will always take calls when I’m here at the office. When I’m away from the office I actually have my mobile number on my outgoing message from the office, so people can always find me.

Attorney Cramm Offers an In-Depth Initial Consultation to all Potential Clients

I am not shy about that mobile number. I treat that like a separate business line.  If someone needs to get in touch with me, between the office line, mobile number, and website, they can always get in touch with me. We’ll make an appointment, we’ll sit down in the conference room and we’ll take as much time as it takes to discuss the case, discuss their options and talk about what we can do to make their life better.

Call today: (913) 322-3265. I represent clients accused of DUI and DWI, and State and Federal Felony Criminal Charges throughout the Kansas City Metro area including the municipalities of Johnson County, Kansas: De Soto, Gardner, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village and Shawnee.

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