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Kansas authorities make drug arrest after pocket-dial

Drug busts can come in many forms but Kansas law officials report that one unusual case in particular may be the first of its kind. Pocket-dial induced arrest. Police speculate that a pair of drug dealers misdialed or possibly accidentally dialed 911 as they were in the midst of discussing their plans to distribute illegal substances, thereby incriminating themselves and leading to their drug charges.

Not only did the suspects mistakenly dial the Kansas police, they were arguing about the plans to distribute drugs, making their illegal activity all the more audible.

The dispatcher that received the misdirected call silently remained on the line — the suspects clearly none the wiser — as the police used their technology and quickly worked to trace the cellular device. Upon tracing the area of the phone call, police scanned the location of its origin.

As police were monitoring the area, they kept their eye on two gentlemen in particular that they had suspicions could be the pair on the phone. Meanwhile, the dispatcher reported hearing one of the men mention the police being in the vicinity. Close to that point in time, it appears that officers approached the pair of suspects.

Between the two men, Kansas police report finding a substantial amount of cash and a total of six grams of crack-cocaine. Consequently, the pair was promptly booked in jail. Currently, the two men face five drug charges.

Kansas authorities are reported as saying, “We have been trying to figure out how to classify it, it might be the first case where a person accidentally dialed 911 and got arrested.”

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