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Kansas City Man Robs Bank After He Was Left With $14,000 Debt From A DUI

41-year-old Ryan Michael Cothern decided to rob an Overland Park bank last October as he had to pay a $14,000 debt from a DUI.

He succeeded in getting just $615 before he was taken into custody.

He entered in the bank and said to a bank teller to put the 100s, 50s and 20s in the bag by typing it on his cell phone. When the teller hesitated, he warned him not to do anything which can land him into trouble.

The teller put the money in the bag and a GPS device as well which assisted in arresting Cothern after some time of the robbery.

He pleaded guilty for the robbery in the U.S. Bank at 9900 West 87th St. on Wednesday.

It was not the first time he was sent to jail as he was released from jail a few days before he got involved in the robbery case. He had been held for a probation violation in a DUI case and the judge ordered him to pay the amount of $100 every month to pay off more than $14,000 court costs.


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