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Kansas City rated among the worst cities nationwide for violent crimes

KANSAS, Mo. – Kansas City is the 14th most dangerous city in the country as shown by the latest available FBI data from the year 2013.

Statistics show that the number of violent crimes in Kansas City is 5,864 with 99 murders reported. Other than that, there were 377 rape cases and 1,662 robbery cases. There were also 3,726 cases of assaults.

The rate per 100,000 individuals there is 1,268 violent crimes. The national average is almost a third of that at 336 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals.

The number of violent crimes obtained from KCPD showed something different. The homicide rate in Kansas City decreased nearly 25 percent in the year 2014 and according to police, it is something new.

Shawn Wadle, Division Commander for KCPD’s Central Patrol said, “Our major crimes in central patrol continue to go down and I think that’s a direct result of hard work of the men and women assigned to central patrol”.

Jackson County’s homicide rate of 16.28 per 100,000 individuals doesn’t even crack the top 30 counties all over the world, according to FBI data.

Missouri is home to 3 on the list of the worst American cities for violent crime. Springfield is 22nd in the list and St. Louis ranks 5th on the list with almost twice the homicide rate of Kansas City.

Detroit, Michigan; Oakland, California; Flint, Michigan and Memphis, Tennessee rounded out the top 5.

The rate of crime is less than 10 percent in Johnson County than the rate of Jackson County. The crime rate of Wyandotte County is 5 times higher than that of Johnson County and is half of crime rate in Jackson County which shows that Wyandotte County ranks above all metro counties with a murder rate of over 18 per 100,000 individuals.

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