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Kansas City Residents Band Together To Stop Violence In High Crime Areas

KANSAS CITY, MO – Individuals living in Kansas City’s urban core are fed up with the high rate of crimes done by violent criminals and they want to take back the area block by block by creating a community police force.

According to individuals who are in this newly started struggle, they won’t be pursuing the criminal with guns. There will be additional eyes and ears working with police to catch them. If they see any person crawling into a window, they will get all the details they can and then call police for the arrest.

Flashing police lights are not rare on those certain Kansas City streets and the residents know when they see red and blue shining through their window, any person is hurt.

Sastah Mosley, a peacekeeper said, “In 2001 I lost my brother to violence”.

A criminal also killed Mosley’s nephew. He decided to work as a peacekeeper and wants to patrol Kansas City streets as a member of the community police force.

Mosley added, “It’s a life and death issue”.

According to Peacekeepers Coordinator Bishop Tony Caldwell, he has recruited about 700 individuals to be trained in conflict resolution and anger management. He said, “A lot of times we turn a blind eye and that’s how crime just grows and grows and grows. We are not going to go down and chase a bad guy down the road with a gun. That is not our responsibility, but we will get every piece of information. We are going to train them on how to gather information and hand over to the police”.

Individuals who join will be deputized as members of the PeaceKeepers of Kansas City Community Police Force and walk high crime areas during the peak time for criminal activity to mediate issues and report any criminal activity happening to the police.

Caldwell said, “We are not the police department. We are not a vigilante group. We are citizens that have decided this is our block, we are going to police our block, and we are going to take care of our block”.

Councilman John Sharp said, “Really a lot of homicides stem from assaults. They start out as an assault and escalate. Some aggravated assaults were really attempted homicides. (The goal is) to prevent neighborhood feuds or beefs between groups of young people from escalating into criminal activity or actual violence”. He said that he would like to see the community police force teamed up and working with the current efforts of the Kansas City No Violence Alliance.

In the start of the struggle to free the area from criminals, the group wants to be highly visible, so Peacekeeper Community Police Force members will wear bright orange peacekeepers t-shirts. Then they will transition into blending in.

According to Caldwell, they have already quietly tested the community police force in high crime areas and whatever area they go into “gets quiet” means that the crime rate decreases.

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