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Kansas City Seen As Part Of Problem In Rising National Violent Crime Rate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – According to experts, Kansas City is responsible for an increase in the rate of murders and violent crimes in the United States. The Uniform crime reporting stats for 2015 released by the FBI showed that the rate of murder raised almost 11% and the rate of other crimes raised 4%.

Kansas City is included in the list of cities that are responsible for the increased rate of crime.

The percentage of violent crimes increased in the previous year as well. The rate of murders in 2014 was 78 and it increased to 109 last year which shows that the rate increased almost 40%.

According to mom Lartinda Shaw, “It really just kind of breaks my heart to see that all of this is going on, especially in the city that I was born and raised and love.” She said that she feels sad every time she sees flashing lights, police patrols and caution tape in her community. She added that everyone gets scared whenever anything happens, but not a single resident of the community knows how to solve this issue and how to stay safe.

Damon Daniel with the AdHoc Group Against Crime said, “There is a racial, generational gap here in our metro and if we don`t invest in our education, if we don’t invest in our community infrastructure, these are the kinds of things that we will continue to see spike.” He added that there is a need to find a solution for this issue as the city was included in the list of 7 cities which were responsible for the rise in murder crime in 2014 and 2015. He further said that we don’t want to be known for this issue all around the USA and “is not something anyone that lives in our Kansas City metropolitan area should be proud of.”

Daniel wants to make efforts to change the condition of the city with the help of programs offered by AdHoc and mothers like Shaw who want to bring a change. People like Shaw want to improve the situation of the city by adopting ways for the upbringing of their children. She said, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so we just keep them in all type of activities, keep them in sports, and choirs and everything where they’re not having so much free time on their hands to be able to get in trouble.”


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