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Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board Awards Money To Kansas Crime Victims

TOPEKA, Kan. – At its July meeting, the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board gave financial help to 217 victims of violent crimes.
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The assistance was given to 112 new cases.

Additional expenses were given in 105 previously submitted cases. The total amount of money that was given was $207,805.33.

In 1978, the Crime Victims Compensation program was established to assist victims of violent crimes so that they can pay for their unexpected expenses like medical treatment, mental health counseling, lost wages, dependent support and funeral expenses.

The state’s three-member Crime Victims Compensation Board makes the decision of the claims that are eligible for payment and how much money will be given to each claimant for expenses.

Awards are limited to a maximum total amount of ,000 with limitations of ,000 for funeral expense, ,000 for outpatient mental health counseling, ,000 for inpatient mental health treatment and ,500 for grief counseling for family survivors of homicide victims.
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The funds for the program, from which the victims are paid money for their expenses, come from a part of assessed court costs and fines, inmate wages, parole fees and restitution paid by convicted individuals.
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