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Kansas Gunman Kills 4 In Workplace Shooting

According to police reports, a gunman in Kansas opened fire at multiple locations, including his workplace due to which 3 individuals died and 14 others sustained injuries before which he was shot and killed by the authorities. The gunman was armed with a long gun and a pistol.

In a news conference, Harvey County Sheriff T Walton said, “Everybody says it can’t happen here, but it happened here. This is a fairly peaceful community. And to have something like this is tragic”. He added that the reason behind this incident is not known. He did not believe the shooting was linked to terrorism. “We have an idea, there were some things that triggered this particular individual,” he further said.

3 Excel Industries employees died and many sustained life-threatening injuries. The company manufactures lawn-mowing equipment. Before going to Excel, he shot 2 other individuals.

Walton said, “This is a horrible situation. Just terrible, terrible”.

A cop who responded to the shooting, shot and killed the gunman to save lives.

Walton said about the cop, “He went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. He’s a hero as far as I’m concerned”.

Before the report of an active shooter at Excel, police received multiple reports of shooting victims on other locations.

According to the police, the 1st call was received by the police around 5 pm which was about a man in nearby Newton who was shot in the shoulder. The 2nd report was of a person who was shot in the leg at a different place.

The 3rd report was about a gunman shooting in Excel’s parking lot; he got out of his motor vehicle and shot at 2 other vehicles before entering the facility.

An employee of Excel, 40-year-old Austin McCaskill, said that he had come back from his first break when he heard gunshots. He added, “I was just working and I heard this pop, pop, pop. You don’t hear that sound very often. I kept working and all of a sudden one of the bullets came flying over our heads and hit one of the frames, so we all just took off running.” He said that he didn’t know the gunman personally, but heard about him from the colleagues that he “was having problems, like his girlfriend broke up with him. He was having a bunch of problems but you don’t need to go blasting up a plant because you’ve got problems. He was running through the plant just going crazy with a gun … just randomly shooting people”.

Another employee of Excel, John Burnett, said he was working on the assembly line when he heard the shooting. He added, “We thought it was maybe the paint line or maybe a part fell”. The he saw his colleagues running towards the backdoor. He also ran towards the exit but he stopped to assist a seriously injured colleague. He said, “I could tell there was blood. He was a painter, so he was wearing a paint suit, and they are white, and I noticed there was red all over his paint suit”. He said about the shooter, “He always seemed like a fairly decent guy. He always had a smile on his face. He never seemed like anything bothered him”.

The injured individuals were taken to a hospital through a helicopter and 6 individuals who were seriously injured are in stable condition. Other 4 who were rushed to Newton Medical Center are in good condition.

Other than the sheriff’s office and other local authorities, state officials and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives assisted at the incident spot.

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