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Kansas man not require to register as a sex offender

In an unusual sex crime case, a Kansas man that plead guilty to molesting a dog and was convicted in Sedgwick County, will not have to forcibly register on the sex offender registry. Presence on the sex offender registry is required when an individual is found guilty of committing a “sexually motivated crime” that would be proven to gratify the individual.

The man in question was found guilty of criminal sodomy after charges came about resulting from the individual’s contact with his roommate’s Rottweiler. While criminal sodomy charges can result from contact with an animal, another law determines whether registration is mandatory in the wake of such contact with an animal.

While the Supreme Court upheld the ruling that the defendant’s crime was sexually motivated, it also determined that it remained unclear as to whether or not misdemeanor sodomy can be classified as a sexual offense requiring registration.

As such, the man will not be forced to register. Sex crime allegations can be some of the most devastating to befall an individual in Kansas or elsewhere. A single misjudgment can result in a lifelong membership on the sex offender registry and the harsh judgment of the defendant’s peers.

Effective defense against such allegations requires exhaustive efforts that include investigation of the circumstances and facts pertinent to the defendant’s case. With such dire consequences a possibility, it is critical to take immediate action in the wake of sex crime allegations in Kansas or elsewhere in the country.

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