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Kansas man, wife and son charged with white collar crimes

One Kansas contractor originally pleaded not guilty to several charges of white collar crimes but now has a change of plea hearing scheduled for April 9. The charges include money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the government, making false statements, wire fraud and major program fraud.

According to a federal indictment, the Kansas man claimed earnings of multiple citations and medals — four Bronze Stars, three Purple hearts and three Silver Stars — acquired for his service in Vietnam. Authorities allege that the Kansas contractor won over $6 million in federal contracts due to a falsely-claimed disability.

The Kansas contractor that is accused of falsely-claiming disability is not the only defendant being charged in this case. Authorities also charged the contractor’s wife and son with charges of money laundering, fraud and conspiracy. Along with the wife and son, one additional Kansas man was also charged. Authorities believe that the company that won over $6 million in federal contracts, Silver Star Construction, may have been instead a front for another company.

Often, in the case of white collar crimes, the circle of charges can extend beyond just one person. It is crucial that if an individual fears that they could, in any fashion, be connected to another individual that they suspect has committed a white collar crime, then that fearing individual may wish to seek experienced legal counsel.

An individual can never take too many precautionary measures in protecting themselves because if charged and convicted, white collar crimes can have lasting and severe consequences.

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