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Kansas Ranked Toughest Among Drunk Driving States

WASHINGTON – Kansas is on the 6th position in the list of states that has the strictest laws related to drunk driving, as shown by a survey.

Each state was compared to the others on fifteen different factors by the Wallethub website in which prison time, fines, court fees, and increased insurance rates after convictions were included.

It is shown that Kansas has the third-longest required prison term for a person who is convicted for DUI for the 2nd time, which is a lasix description online prison sentence of minimum 90 days. It has the eighth-longest prison sentence of 2 days for a first offense.

The minimum amount of fine which a drunk driver is required to pay is $500 for a 1st offense and $1,000 for a 2nd offense due to which Kansas is in the top 6 states nationally.

The survey also showed that the auto insurance rates in Kansas increase an average 46 percent after a driving under the influence conviction.

The survey result shows that Arizona is on the 1st position with the toughest state for DUI rules. Oklahoma State is on the 4th position and South Dakota is at the last position.

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