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Kansas robbery results in federal charges due to franchise

When an individual becomes a target for federal officials, it can be a very stressful and life-altering situation. Depending upon the nature of the crime for which a person is being accused, they may face charges under state or federal law. Some crimes, including robbery, can be either a violation of state law or federal law. It depends upon the facts of the alleged crime. This is evidenced in a recent case concerning the robbery of a Kansas Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Two men were accused of robbing a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in early June. After the men were arrested by state officials, the case was promptly turned over to the federal authorities. It was determined that the robbery was a federal offense because Kentucky Fried Chicken is a restaurant that operates across state lines. This made the robbery a violation of the federal Hobbs Act and therefore a federal crime.

The defense process in the federal system can be complicated and also varies adipex phentermine online from the process in the state system. It is important that those individuals who find themselves accused of a federal crime and facing potential charges understand that they still have rights that must be legally upheld.

These rights include the absolute ability to refuse to speak to federal agents. However, it is important that the accused invokes this right very clearly. Otherwise, the federal agents will continue to ask questions and pursue answers as they have the legal ability to do so until the accused invokes this right.

It is difficult not to become overwhelmed and anxious when facing federal charges. However, it is extremely important to stand up for your rights and not allow officials to abuse their power. A defense advocate helps to make sure these rights are upheld and that the defendant receives fair treatment during the course of a federal criminal trial.

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