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Kansas Senate committee’s chairwoman pushing to make surrogacy for pay a crime

TOPEKA – A Kansas Senate committee’s chairwoman is forcing a proposal that will make it illegal to pay women to be surrogate mothers and will end existing surrogacy contracts.

On Monday afternoon, the Public Health and Welfare Committee met to start 2 days of hearings on the proposal from Shawnee Republican Mary Pilcher-Cook.

The bill is created after a law in the District of Columbia. According to Pilcher-Cook, she has an issue that Kansas has no laws related to surrogacy contracts and she also said that she worries about women being exploited.

All types of surrogacy contracts, oral and written, will be covered by the bill. An individual who arranges a contract for lasix shop online pay or other compensation will be guilty of a misdemeanor and he/she has to serve 1 year in prison. Other than that, he/she has to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

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