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Kansas State Board of Education cracking down on teacher crime

TOPEKA, Kansas – Next week, action will be taken by the Kansas State Board of Education against 6 teachers who have been convicted of criminal activity, mostly involving sexual activity with their students.

Attorney for the State Department of Education, Cheryl Whelan said the board is pursuing school districts that are not reporting criminal activity by teachers and administrators.

From all the convicted teachers, 4 were convicted of sexual improprieties with minors. 1 was convicted of fraud and 1 stole an instrument from the school.

The board is being asked to cancel the licenses of these 6 convicted teachers in the state and the board will also consider denying the application for a new license from a man convicted of marijuana possession. The board issues licenses for teachers and it has authority to cancel or suspend an existing license for teachers who are found to have engaged in any tramadol online usa criminal activity, even if any teacher is not charged or convicted. In some cases, it was seen that educators with past histories of sexual misconduct after going to another district engaged in more criminal activities.

Whelan told to the Lawrence Journal-World that school districts and local prosecutors have been reminded they must report criminal cases to state teaching licensing officials.

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