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Kansas teenager charged for filming cops

On Monday, 17-year-old Addison Mikkelson pleaded not guilty to charges of inattentive driving and having a television receiver in front of him while driving his motor vehicle, after filming police officers citing him for a traffic stop he complained were driving at high speed.

Last year, a Topeka Kansas teenager Mikkelson was the hot topic and he made headlines after he made a film of police officers taking him into custody for jaywalking. He asked the police officers what he was being charged with and his camera was thrown to the ground, officers replied that he was “obstructing justice,” though the video seemed to suggest they were unhappy with him recording the incident.

On Sunday, he posted a 2nd video in which he recorded a patrol car allegedly travelling at a high speed and failing to use a turn signal, and then was stopped for what police said was inattentive driving and driving behind a television receiver.

Mikkelson told the Topeka Capital-Journal he recorded the film to make himself safe. He said, “I’m not stopping. Photography is not a crime. I’m trying to hold people accountable for their actions”.

His mother said, “It’s pure harassment, I think”.

On 16th of February, he received another citation for “not stopping before pulling out a drive.” Since he was not recording at the time, he said he cannot prove his innocence and selected to accept the court’s $142 fine.

In the video he recorded, where he seemed to catch police driving at high rate of speed and not using a turn signal, the Kansas teen did not display particular tact.

Mikkelson said to 1 of the police officers, “You are a loser. You are a loser”.

His trial has been scheduled for 7th of April,.

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