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Muslim Teenager Killed In Hate Crime

Kansas City, Mo. – A Muslim teenager in Kansas City was hit and killed by a driver in a motor vehicle which was painted with anti-Islamic messages. According to the friends of the victim, who was hit and killed in an accident that is under investigation as a possible hate crime, they had been given threats in recent weeks by an individual driving around with anti-Islamic messages painted on a vehicle. Police have not confirmed whether the accident and the messages are linked with each other but individuals at the Somali Center of Kansas City said that they were given… Read More →

228 Violent Crime Victims From Kansas To Receive Support

Topeka, KS – In the November meeting, 228 victims of violent crimes were given financial help by the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board. A total amount of $267,429.90 was given to the victims and from all the cases, 108 were new and 120 cases were previously submitted. The Crime Victims Compensation program is administered by the Division of Crime Victims Compensation in the Kansas Attorney General Schmidt’s office, which was made in 1978 to assist victims of violent crimes to pay for their unexpected expenses like medical treatment, mental health counseling, lost wages, dependent support and funeral expenses. The claims… Read More →

More Than $207,000 Paid To Victims Of Violent Crimes By Kansas Program

On Thursday during its July meeting, victims of violent crimes in Kansas were given $207,805.33 from the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board. A news release by the Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt stated that the money was given in 217 cases. Of those that were given money, 112 were new cases and 105 were previously submitted cases that received additional funds. The program assists the victims to pay for unforeseen expenses up to $25,000 in which medical treatments, counseling services, lost wages and burial costs are included. Funds are gathered from assessed court costs and fines, inmate wages, parole fees… Read More →

Kansas teenager charged for filming cops

On Monday, 17-year-old Addison Mikkelson pleaded not guilty to charges of inattentive driving and having a television receiver in front of him while driving his motor vehicle, after filming police officers citing him for a traffic stop he complained were driving at high speed. Last year, a Topeka Kansas teenager Mikkelson was the hot topic and he made headlines after he made a film of police officers taking him into custody for jaywalking. He asked the police officers what he was being charged with and his camera was thrown to the ground, officers replied that he was “obstructing justice,” though… Read More →

Bill to look at timely notification for crime victims and families

After the state decided to release the man from jail into a work release program, who killed her son, Avis Crosby had only one business day to protest the decision. A Wichita schoolteacher, Crosby said, “I (got) this letter the Thursday before Labor Day (saying that) he was supposed to be released the day after Labor Day. That just really wasn’t enough time to do anything. I started calling the number that was listed, and people were gone, out of town for the holiday weekend, so I was just really frustrated”. The man convicted of killing her son and a… Read More →

The Kansas Death Penalty is Dying a Slow Death

The Kansas death penalty has cobwebs By DAVE HELLING The Kansas City Star It may be weeks before Kansans know if prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Kyle Flack, accused of killing four people in Franklin County this spring. It will take far longer — 10 years or more — before anyone in the state is actually put to death for a crime. And that time gap, advocates on both sides of the death penalty debate say, suggests the state remains deeply uneasy about the punishment — an ambivalence that muddies its value. “When a law isn’t applied, it… Read More →

Mark Woodworth Free on Bond Pending New Trial

An emotional homecoming for inmate released pending third murder trial By TONY RIZZO The Kansas City Star Unshackled and free, wearing his own clothes for the first time in 13 years, Mark Woodworth emerged from a county jail Friday afternoon into a sea of smiling faces and a boisterous cheer. About 100 family members and friends, some who had waited for hours, came to greet the 38-year-old man who had spent all but 14 months behind bars since 1993, when he was still a teenager. Saying he felt overwhelmed, Woodworth wore a huge grin as he thanked them for their… Read More →

Fingerprint Match Jails Innocent Man

Wrong Garcia is jailed for manslaughter when fingerprints match By ERIC ADLER The Kansas City Star Usually, when fingerprints match, you think you have your man. Tell that to Adalberto Izaquierdo Garcia of Mexico. The 36-year-old stood in line to legally enter the United States just before Christmas to attend the funeral of his recently deceased mother. Instead, he was arrested on an outstanding Jackson County manslaughter warrant in a crime that now even prosecutors concede he didn’t commit. In fact, he’d never been in Missouri. Were it not for some long-kept DNA, he might have remained here in prison… Read More →

Defense lawyer admits money laundering in drug case

By MARK MORRIS The Kansas City Star A prominent Kansas City criminal defense lawyer pleaded guilty Wednesday in Kansas federal court to laundering money that he thought came from illegal drug sales. In reality, the money came from an undercover federal agent involved in a sting operation. Ronald E. Partee, 66, admitted that he and the operators of a Northland credit counseling service, Forbes and Newhard Credit Solutions, agreed to help hide the source of the money. Partee discussed the storage of marijuana, according to federal court records. He also advised the undercover agent on the risk of using drug… Read More →

Amendment on judge selection advances in Kansas

By BRAD COOPER The Kansas City Star The Kansas Legislature took a big step Wednesday toward making a sweeping change in how appeals court judges are picked. The Senate voted 28-12 to pass a constitutional amendment that would give the governor the power to pick appellate judges. That measure would let the governor select judges for the Kansas Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The nominations would have to be confirmed by the Senate. The bill needed two-thirds support of the Senate — or 27 votes — for passage. The bill now goes to the House, where Democrats believe… Read More →