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One Dead After Domestic Violence Call in Newton

Attorney Paul Cramm’s comments on a news item reported recently in concerning a domestic violence call that turned deadly.

Just because you are a police officer does not mean that you lose your own personal right to defend yourself when you don the uniform.  Many people see a knife as being inferior to a firearm, when that just isn’t the case.  A large hunting knife – or even a small serrated steak knife – in close quarters can easily inflict a lethal injury.  And disarming someone wielding a live edged weapon is often more dangerous than disarming someone with a firearm.  Add the emotion of a ‘domestic’ crime along with a dose of alcohol to this mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.  

Provided this officer made repeated unheeded commands to this person to drop the weapon, and the person advanced toward the officer instead, this very sad scenario sounds like a textbook justified officer shooting in the line of duty.  I have no doubt this officer has relived this tragedy countless times since it occurred and will continue to do so – despite having no valid options as these events unfolded.

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