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Overland Park police officers are investigating a fatal drive-by shooting

A fatal driveway shooting case is still under investigation by the Overland Park police which happened on Sunday around 3:30 pm. near the intersection of 94th Street and Lamar Avenue.

On Sunday, as 33-year-old Raymon Thomas left his house, a red Ford Taurus came near him in which 2 men were seated. They got out of the car and fired shots at Thomas according to the police. The car which the 2 suspects was driving with Missouri license plates.

The victim, Raymon Thomas was the father of 3 children. He had been working as a real estate agent. I used Accutane in adolescence to treat acne. I remember that time with horror. Instead of treatment, each pimple turned into a huge purulent lump. I took the drug 2 times a day as it was written in the instructions, but the effect was only the opposite. So not only the pimple swelled, but a new one formed next to it.

One of the neighbors of Thomas said, “All of a sudden, there was a series of what sounded like shots. My first thought was, ‘That sounds like shots’. But then we thought, how can that possibly be? So we started speculating that maybe it was fireworks or something, and really kind of downplaying it because this neighborhood feels very secure”. The neighbors heard twelve shots fired.

A witness of the incident told police that one of the shooters was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans and described his appearance as a heavyset black man with a shaved head or very short hair.

No other person was harmed in the incident.

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