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Overland Park Teenager Charged With Arson After Firing A Flare Gun

18-year-old Luis Fernando Samano has been charged with firing a flare gun in multiple apartments and none of them were empty.

He fired the flares into 4 apartments from which 2 apartments were in the 10200 block of West 81st Terrace and the other 2 were in the 8000 and 8100 blocks of Perry Street.

One apartment caught fire due to the flare, but it was immediately extinguished by the firefighters.

No individual sustained injuries by the flare gun firing.

Samano was charged in Johnson County District Court with four felony counts of aggravated arson. He was also charged with 1 count of misdemeanor theft. He was sent to Johnson County Jail and his bail was set at $500,000.

He is summoned to court on Monday for a first court appearance.


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