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Residents In Northeast Kansas City Focus On Reducing Crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In an attempt to make a change and decrease the rate of crime, individuals living in Northeast Kansas City are coming together.

According to Grandmother Stacy Holst, she sees “Prostitution drugs, murders, guns” everywhere.

The Indian Mound Neighborhood Association meeting was held on Monday and every person who attended had the same question.

1 female asked at the meeting, “What is being done about the crime?”

Mother Renee Starrett said, “Something’s gotta change, I don’t even want to walk to school to get my daughter right now”.

Parents told that they are afraid to go to Budd Park at the center of the historic Northeast Kansas City neighborhood because of the threat of crime.

Security cameras are installed and more lighting is done in the park with the aid of a grant of $200,000.

According to Kansas City Community Interaction Officer, Jason Cooley, “We need to start working towards adding more positive activities in the park, getting people to start having the picnics, getting coaches to start bringing practices to the park”.
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Individuals living in the area said that they want more cops on patrol so that every person feels safe while walking out of their home.
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A decision was made by the neighborhood association to add Neighborhood Watch Captains on every block to reduce the crime rate.

Manny Abarca, V.P. of the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association said, “Whether it’s behind closed doors, flipping on a light to make sure we have lit streets during the night time, or calling 911 when they have those shots fired. We’ve been yelling and screaming for a while and finally someone is starting to listen”.

On 13th of October, a meeting is scheduled at the Mattie Rhodes Center by a group called “Northeast Alliance Together” to discuss how individuals can assist in reducing the crime rate.

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