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Rising Number Of Motorcycle Accident Fatalities In Texas

Motorcycles are a popular vehicle choice for a multitude of Americans, however they are certainly controversial in nature. Many states throughout the country have enacted helmet laws over the past several years and issues involving safety and rider liberty always seem to be under discussion. Despite all the controversy, motorcycle ownership has been steadily increasing throughout the country and unfortunately it is accompanied by a high number of serious injuries and deaths for motorcycle riders. In the state of Texas, motorcycle accident related fatalities and injuries have increased exponentially due to the popularity of these vehicles among the population of the Lone Star State. Texas currently ranks third for motorcycle registrations lagging behind California and Florida.

In 2014, the number of registered motorcycles in Texas was 450,000. There are relatively lenient laws for motorcycle riders in Texas and this contributes to their popularity. However the thrill of riding a motorcycle sometimes comes at an extremely high cost. In the year 2015, a total of 459 motorcycle drivers and their passengers lost their lives in accidents. That boils down to more than 1 death for every 1,000 registered motorcycles in the state. Statistics compiled by the Texas Department of Transportation report that over half of the fatalities reported were riders who were not wearing safety gear at the time of the accident. In the same year 1,890 riders and passengers suffered serious debilitating injuries and over 3, 300 riders and passengers suffered injuries that were not incapacitating in nature. These numbers produce a staggering total of 9,000 motorcycle accident injuries and deaths on Texas roads in 2015.

Evidence has shown time and again that accidents on motorcycles often result in severe and debilitating injuries far more severe than those suffered by drivers and passengers in cars. Motorcycle riders often have little to no protection when a crash occurs. Therefore motorcycle riders are at a higher rate of risk each and every time they take to the road. In such scenarios riders who operate motorcycles without helmets are at particular risk of sustaining fatal or severe injuries.  Common motorcycle injuries involve traumatic brain injuries, and in that respect helmet use offers obvious benefits.  Helmets have been judged to be successful at protecting riders against serious brain injuries although they are not foolproof, they provide the head with greater protection against impact with the road or other vehicles, in the event of a collision and that affords motorcycle riders a greater chance of surviving a wreck.

The state of Texas strives to achieve balance between freedom for riders and reasonable safety regulations that help to protect motorcycle users. Safety is and should always be a major concern and matters pertaining to motorcycle safety are managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, under the auspices of the Motorcycle and ATV Safety Unit.  Experts unanimously agree that the greatest step that any motorcycle rider can take to protect himself and his passengers is the consistent use of a helmet. In the event of a wreck or a collision where a rider is unprotected, it is almost certain that the injury sustained will be grievous or fatal in nature.  Even if riders pay the greatest attention to safety concerns, accidents still occur. Motorcycle accidents will continue to occur and riders will get injured or die across the state and around the nation. When that occurs, the process of obtaining compensation from injury-related damages to wrongful death awards are challenging for everyone involved.

If you or a loved one has suffered from injury related to a motorcycle accident or have had a family member killed in a motorcycle crash, you need the help of a competent personal injury attorney to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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