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Trailer thefts on the rise to haul off other stolen goods

OVERLAND PARK, KS – An increase in trailer thefts has been seen by the area police departments and the police officers are of the view that there is a link between stealing trailers and other crimes. Officers believe that the thieves steal the trailers first and then steal other goods like push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers and other things with the help of those trailers.

Leonard Eshnaur, 1 of the 9 victims in the last 6 weeks in Overland Park, KS, to have his trailer stolen said, “Just mad, just flat out mad”. He told the police, “I backed my car up right to the hitch, but it was dark by the time I finished so I decided I’d just hook it up in the morning, drive off, and when I came out in the morning, it was gone”.

Since 1st of June, there have been eight victims in neighboring Olathe.

Other ATVs and motorcycles, riding lawnmower and push mowers are also targeted by these thieves according to the police. Police also said that for stealing more items, sometimes thieves target on stealing unfilled trailers and then they go into other neighborhoods to see what they can steal from their lawns.

Officer Michelle Koos said, “Sometimes they’ll use the trailers to go into other areas and do other types of business burglaries. They could be going to another location to steal that equipment”.

Police suggested Jon Barnes to a trailer hitch lock for making his trailer safe because a lot of money tied up in his trailer and the equipment on the back of his trailer. Barnes does exactly the same. He said, “Anytime I leave the trailers, I try to use the trailer lock to try and deter and to try and make it a little harder for them to steal”.

His trailer and everything on it was worth about 800 dollars told Eshnaur. His trailer was parked on the back side of his home and he had his 3 cars in the driveway but the thieves managed to steal the trailer. He said, “Apparently they came down the street and saw it wasn’t hooked up and they turned the trailer sideways and back across the yard and somehow managed to hook it up”.

Police said that in addition to making sure that the trailers and everything on them are secure, all the things should also always be insured.

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