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University Of Kansas Releases Annual Crime Report

LAWRENCE, Kan. – According to the school’s public safety office report, crime in the University of Kansas campus has increased.

The 2014 crime report has been released by the university which showed a 24 percent increase in campus crime as compared with the year 2013.

According to the Campus police, it is easy to see the 24 percent increase and think it is only indicative of an increase in crime but campus police argue that increase has to do more with reporting crime and vigilance.

KU student Laura Reynolds said, “I have never been in a position where I felt uncomfortable”.
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She and many other students said that they have never felt insecure on campus but were a bit worried to hear about a 24 percent increase in campus crime.

Reynolds added, “To hear its increasing is never a good sign”.

The public safety office report also showed that 834 criminal offenses happened in the year 2014, compared with 670 in the year 2013. The report showed drug related crimes increased from 107 to 177 in that same time period.

The increase is not at all a surprise to Captain James Anguiano with the campus public safety office.
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He said, “If you go over the statistics for the last 10 years you will see that it’s kind of moderate, right in between”. According to him, 2013’s report for campus crime between 2012 and 2013 showed a reduction of 18 percent. What he credits for the 2013-2014 increase is not necessarily more crime but law enforcement and campus staff being better at watching and reporting the crimes.

He added, “It’s more awareness, especially with the drug offenses. We do training with student housing as well as entities within our public, and with technology. People calling things in on their cellphone that’s part of the increase plus the training taken by the officers, time taken by the officers patrolling the campus areas”.
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Many individuals criticized the report and the way campus reported sexual assaults have been handled in which an incident that happened in the month of November when masked men interrupted classes in protest is included.

Sexual assaults and other crimes are taken seriously, according to the campus police. The report classifies rape as a violent crime, which is a category that makes up around 1 percent of all crimes reported to the police.

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