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What Federal Crimes Do You Often See In Kansas and Missouri?

Interviewer: Let’s discuss misconceptions about federal crimes.  When you are charged federally, can you be charged with the same type of crime that you could be charged with at the state level?  Or, are these totally different sets of crimes?

Paul: There is an enormous amount of overlap, such that conduct that is unlawful at the state level is also unlawful at the federal level.  I think the main difference is the extent of the criminal conduct or the criminal enterprise.

Also, there may be some jurisdictional issues.  If you have a criminal enterprise that crosses over state lines, more than one state jurisdiction would be involved. Then it is often the case that the United States Attorney for that federal jurisdiction will pick up the case, just as a matter of convenience.

However, it is not necessarily different types of conduct or different crimes.  It is the same criminal conduct, just generally on a larger scale.

Interviewer: What types of crimes are people charged with federally?

Paul: In my jurisdiction here in Kansas and Missouri- practicing in the District of Kansas, the Western District of Missouri and also in the District of Nebraska, I see primarily narcotics crimes.

We have I-70 running east to west, through the center of the United States. We also have I-35 coming up from Texas and going all the way north into Minneapolis.  It is a big corridor and we see a lot of narcotics trafficking.  That is the primary type of offense we see.

Also, we do see white collar crimes, where you have mortgage providers and appraisers working on both sides of the state line here in Kansas City. There is that type of crime.

Interviewer: Since you are right near the border of Kansas and Missouri, do a lot of crimes that would normally be state crimes turn into federal crimes?

Paul: Yes, they do.

“The Importance of Aggressive Federal Criminal Defense”.

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