Paul D. Cramm

Where Are You Jailed For A Federal Crime?

Interviewer: When someone is arrested for a federal crime, are they taken to a certain jail? Is the bail process different?

Paul: It is.  Here in Kansas City there used to be a private detention center up in Leavenworth, CCA. Run by a private company, they provided detention and holding services for individuals awaiting disposition of their case in the District of Kansas or the Western District of Missouri.  That facility was closed recently so now Federal Detainees awaiting final disposition of their cases in the District of Kansas and in the Western District of Missouri are held in the Leavenworth federal Detention Center.

At the federal level, they do not really have you post money bond; so much as they determine whether or not there are reasonable conditions of pre-trial release.  The judge will grant pre-trial release with an admonition.

If you violate the terms of pre-trial release, number one, you will be in custody. Number two, you may face separate crimes in addition to the crime for which you are currently appearing in court.

So, oftentimes, people will be granted pre-trial release without having to pay money to the court or hire a bondsman. The court just needs to determine if this person is a reasonable risk to let stay at home, continue to work, and live at home while their case is resolved.

“The Importance of Aggressive Federal Criminal Defense”.

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