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Being identified as a “target” in a Federal Criminal Investigation is perhaps one of the most stressful experiences a person is likely to endure. It is understandably difficult – if not impossible – to make sound decisions while dealing with the anxiety, fear and uncertainty that you are feeling. The best thing you can do is contact an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney if you have any reason to believe you are suspected of criminal activity. You need a criminal defense lawyer who understands not only the law, but also the process of investigating criminal offenses in the federal system. If you’re facing criminal charges originating in the U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the District of Kansas, the Western District of Missouri in Kansas City, or the District of Nebraska at Omaha or Lincoln, contact my criminal defense law firm in Overland Park for aggressive defense and dependable advice.

Although initial contact with law enforcement in a federal criminal case may begin with an arrest, it can occur in many less “alarming” ways. In some cases, the FBI or DEA might call you “just to ask a few questions.” In other cases, you might get a target letter from the U.S. Attorney which suggests that you might be close to a grand jury indictment on a federal narcotics charge, mortgage fraud case, or other federal offense. The first contact with a law enforcement agent is not only a good time to get the advice of a criminal defense attorney, it might be the only time for you to do so in order to preserve your ability to mount a strong defense against future criminal charges.

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The initial contact between you and the federal government is an extremely important point in your case. Federal law enforcement agents have specific training and extensive experience in eliciting incriminating information from people who would never have imagined that they would speak voluntarily with law enforcement. Agents will frequently emphasize (and exaggerate) the extent of the trouble you face, and may also tell you what others involved in the investigation have (allegedly) said about you. Agents may suggest favorable treatment in exchange for information. In many ways federal law enforcement agents have mastered the art of deception, and they will likely rely on these skills to collect evidence against you.

You have an absolute right to refrain from speaking with any federal agent about anything, and those same agents are required to stop asking you questions provided you invoke this valuable right. Most agents operate at a very high level of integrity and will terminate questioning upon invocation by the subject of his or her right to remain silent and right to counsel. However, you must clearly and unequivocally advise the agents that you refuse to answer any questions without consulting with your lawyer, or without your own criminal defense attorney present. Statements like “maybe I should talk to a lawyer” or “do I need a lawyer for this?” might not be specific enough to invoke this right when you’re being questioned about money laundering, federal drug crimes, or the possibility of possessing images of child pornography on your computer.

Why You Need an Aggressive Defense Lawyer When Facing Federal Criminal Charges:

It is an enormous risk to think you can talk your way out of trouble with the Department of Justice, If you have any reason to believe that you may be the target of a federal investigation in the District of Kansas, the Western District of Missouri, or the District of Nebraska, contact me at my Overland Park law office immediately for an initial consultation with an experienced Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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