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“I hired Paul Cramm for my pretty serious case. Instead of prison time, I got on probation. He is very professional and knows how to handle the case. He responds to phone calls and text pretty fast. If you are in trouble, Paul is the right guy to hire. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Every single penny is going to be worth it.”

A Satisfied Client

“We hired Paul after our son was wrongfully accused of rape. When the devastating charges were brought against our son the search for the right attorney began. I started out by contacting many prominent attorneys in the area. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, many of the attorneys declined or expressed that they would not have the time to invest to take on such a serious charge. I called Paul and gave him a brief overview of what little I knew about the case. Paul then requested to meet with my son and I. Prior to reviewing any documentation regarding the case he expressed that he just wanted to talk to my son, to get to know him and to listen to his side of the story.After a couple of hours of conversation, Paul told my son that he believed he was innocent and was very open and honest about the incredible challenge ahead of us. He explained to us exactly what we would be facing by taking this case to trial should the verdict not come back in our favor. Paul accepted our case and over the next 9 months, we were in constant contact. He put in the time to understand and sort through the facts and evidence of the case. He kept us informed throughout the process, never declining our requests for calls or in person meetings as we went along. He sought out experts in various fields that he thought were necessary to strengthen our defense.From jury selection to his closing arguments Paul left no stone unturned. Paul presented the evidence one fact at a time. He strategically and thoroughly questioned each and every witness in a way that made the truth undoubtedly clear. The jury deliberated for just over 2 hrs. and came back unanimously 12-0, NOT guilty. There is no doubt in my mind that Paul Cramm was and is the BEST man for the job. Paul comes with the highest of recommendation for anyone that needs the BEST counsel available.”

Dan R.

“We hired Paul Cramm for us after asking around for the best lawyer for an off-grid case. His name came up often. I called and we talked initially for quite some time. During that call he explained the good and bad of this type of case as well as a realistic viewpoint, i.e.: what could be the worst scenario and the best scenario.

We met with him in his office for a couple of hours going over the details of the case, how he would proceed, his expectations and his first reading of the case notes. Again, he was not negative or positive, just realistic yet hopeful that we could get a Not Guilty from the jury.

Paul was very good with his communication, both via email, phone calls and text. He kept us informed every step of the way (which consisted of a length of over nine months). We always knew what was happening at each development.

Paul’s knowledge of the law, specifically this type of case, was extremely comforting and encouraging as he could bring other case aspects into this one. He was also very smart and discerning as to what and what could not be brought to the juror’s attention.

In addition, his local knowledge came to be very helpful, local laws, the judges involved, the local court system, the demographics of the county and other lawyers that might be involved in the case. It was obvious, when we were around him at the courthouse, that he was well respected in the legal community. We also noticed that he had some smart mentors that were helping him through the case. He would email, text or call them from time to time to get insights that ended up being an affirmation of the direction he was proceeding.

In the trial, itself, which took, five days, his cross-examination was deliberate and piercing while being respectful of the witness(s). His closing was terrific as he continued to hammer away at the two sides of the jurors thinking: Is this doubtful? Or truthful? And…Is there any Reasonable Doubt in their minds? If so, they must return a verdict of Not Guilty.

As it turned out, the case ended in an 11-1 Not Guilty verdict, which the DA’s office then decided not to re-trial. The verdict reached was not by any legal shenanigans or trickery on Paul’s part to get this verdict. He just took the “evidence” and showed, piece by piece and witness by witness, that there was Reasonable Doubt to all the allegations thus, the only choice they had was to return a verdict of Not Guilty.

We would highly recommend Paul Cramm as a defense attorney. We found that he brought considerable experience, pathos, smarts, knowledge and compassion.”

Steve S.

“A year ago I was blindsided by a false allegation of sexual abuse. Not only was I ill-equipped to handle the physical, mental, and emotional toll of such a heinous allegation, but I was equally ignorant as to the severe penalties and consequences should I be found guilty.From the moment I retained Mr. Cramm, he exuded a confidence and calm that belied his knowledge and expertise. While each case and client carries with it its own set of variables, I am indebted to Mr. Cramm for his personal attention and efforts to assuage my emotional distress. With his help, I was able to formulate an understanding of my plight and to recognize and accept the steps necessary to work proactively toward the desired resolution. There are obviously no guarantees in criminal court, and while I was well aware that no promises could ever be granted, Mr. Cramm was always realistic and reassuring without being blunt and pessimistic about our chances.Though it seemed like forever, in short order the jury unanimously returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict! For me, Paul Cramm’s excellence can never be overstated! I owe him my freedom!”


“If you are looking for a lawyer that is not only a true professional but just downright damn good at what he does. Paul is your Guy. The best thing about my experience with Paul is that he treated me like a PERSON. Relatable and never once gave up on my case. You hear a lot about a “lawyer that got me out of fill in the blank” but Paul is a lawyer that cares about his client every step of the way, which you don’t always get. I am not a person to leave a review but I felt compelled because he helped me with a DUI case that could affect the rest of my life. After the NOT GUILTY verdict, all of Paul’s hard work was well worth it! If you are doing research on a lawyer, which you should, give Paul your well-deserved attention, he is your guy!”


“I have never met an attorney like Paul Cramm. Most impressive, he responds immediately to every email, phone call and text. Even on the weekends.

Paul has impeccable research skills. He will dig through every document and report to find the slightest detail. For example, I called him once and asked if he saw two specific words on page five of the police report. He responded by saying, “Yes, and it is stated in this report, this report and again here.” I have a serious eye for detail and this impressed me. He takes every avenue possible to achieve the desired outcome. Instead of reviewing photos of the scene, he came to my house and we walked through exactly what had occurred step-by-step. He even found precedence to discuss a previous false allegation she had made at my trial.

My situation was a Felony DV charge and I was facing a potential four years in prison. A false allegation, the psychological effects of this were devastating. Paul protected me and was by my side throughout the entire nightmare. Ultimately, the District Attorney dropped the charge after 6 months of refusing to take a deal. I had never been involved with the criminal court system before and I can’t imagine making it through that time without Paul as my attorney. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, Paul is the best attorney in Kansas City to have on your side!”

Jeff P.

“Paul is extremely detailed and knows the law well. He is persistent and very thorough. From the beginning of my case, he knew where to put emphasis (resources) and knew what could be left alone. When searching for an attorney in Kansas from California he picked up the phone on a weekend and did not hesitate to continue to do so throughout my case. That showed me he was the real deal. Paul was respectful to my wife and I (which is not always the case with some attorneys). He took my case to the appellate level and hit a home run. I really thank you for that Paul you gave me my life back! I would recommend Paul for an attorney with my eyes closed.”


“At first, I spoke with two lawyers on the phone and then I called Paul Cramm. Paul was very respectful and helpful with understanding the entirety of the situation up front; that way everything was clear to me. He did excellent work in preparing for our meeting the next day after the phone conversation. He really made me feel like he was on my side and that I didn’t need to worry about all of the details. I was facing a pretty severe penalty and I felt extremely confident in Paul, so I hired him. Paul stayed on top of my case and promptly informed me of any changes/updates. I had an original estimated sentenced time of 46-51 months in prison, if found guilty. The law was pretty clear about my felonious acts (2 charges – possession and intent to sell) but with Paul’s diligent work I walked away with 6 months of unsupervised probation; if I violated my probation I would’ve only faced 6 months in jail. That was a massive improvement on the original charges. I owe a big thank you to Paul Cramm!”


“He’s a rare type and among the best due to his dedication to his job. In my court case, he never gave anything less than what it took to get the optimal result. He always responded to my questions as quickly as possible and filled me in on all factual information of the case. He is also very good because he always puts himself in the shoes of his opponent and anticipates the response of his arguments before using them. He respects his opponent but never doubts himself, which is as much as you can ask for. He’s great and he won’t let you down.”

A Satisfied Client

“When I hired Paul, I was facing 2 separate DUI charges. Instead of taking the easy Diversion or the quick plea, Paul advised that we set both cases for trial. Yes, this was risky, but it was a risk that we both agreed was worth taking. We won both DUI trials – Not Guilty. Paul is very professional, fantastic to communicate with and didn’t waste my time and money. I am so glad that I hired a lawyer who was willing to make the effort to get the best possible outcome for me.”

A DUI Client

“I chose Paul Cramm to represent me as my criminal defense lawyer back in April. I made this decision after our first consultation, he’s sharp, articulate, and yet kept it real. I was extremely anxious about the case and bothered Paul often, however, he always answered (or called back promptly) and provided me information in a way I was able to comprehend. Our meetings often covered the possibility of both outcomes (guilty/ not guilty), which at first made me skeptical because I didn’t know if his intent was revolved around political negotiation. However, we debriefed after every paper movement through the judges’ chamber, which (to me) was a raw indication of full commitment. We (Paul) went on to beat the case. In the courtroom he was brilliant! What I appreciated most was his straightforward attitude. We didn’t spend any time calling a donkey a small horse… we managed facts and won the case. In turn, we were very prepared no matter how the jury ruled. Paul has earned my loyalty and will remain on my P1 contact list.”


“Retaining Paul Cramm’s services when I was charged with a DUI offense was a great decision. He was very responsive and reassuring, and took immediate action to protect my best interests. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case, and I owe it to Mr. Cramm. I would without a doubt highly recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in need of a great criminal defense attorney, and would also retain his services anytime in the future.”

Tyler W.

“Not only was Paul very helpful, but the entire staff was very nice, very understanding and respectful. It’s not an enjoyable event to have to endure, but Paul and his staff make the whole process so much easier to go through. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it.”

Will T.

“Very professional lawyer, with your best interest at heart. Paul knows his stuff, and charges flat rates for an entire case, instead of charging by the hour. I like that because if needed, I know I can call him back with questions even after my case is finished. Even though I ended up on diversion (my choice), I know that if I needed to go to trial, Paul would have knocked it out for me. He got my bail lowered from $5000 to a $1500 PR bond, and made sure I was able to get home to be with my family (well worth the attorney charge, right there). If you are looking for a very straightforward attorney, who doesn’t play games, Paul is your man!”


“Paul did a great job on handling the case in regards to a domestic violence and kept us informed at what the case entailed. He knew the law and was aware that the prosecutor’s office was not handling this case with most recent and updated facts that they had possession of. I would definitely use Paul again if I had to find an attorney that I could trust and know that he would follow the law and do the utmost to help out with presenting the facts.”


“I’m very impressed with how organized Mr. Cramm is and how effective he was in achieving the results sought in my case. Very responsive and tough negotiator. Very highly recommended.”

A Domestic Violence Client

“I hired Paul Cramm to represent me when the state had filed a destruction of property complaint for throwing a tooth brush in a toilet, which if convicted could have resulted in the revocation of my probation for an earlier charge that I was due to have completed at the same time of the new charge, when the state found out Paul Cramm had been retained they immediately dropped the charge and withdrew their motion to revoke my probation, this was done as Paul had explained to me probably would be done when they knew he would set the charge for an evidentiary hearing.”


“I have found Paul Cramm to be a truly amazing attorney. He always conveys such a profound depth of competence, clarity, and compassion in our every conversation. Although I always realized that no defense attorney could assure the outcome of any case, Paul instilled great hope based on his remarkable ability to focus on every detail of our conversations and my many notes and distill them to a powerful, clearly articulated strategy for defense based on facts. He’s amazing!”

Larry R.