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Statutory Rape and Indecent Liberties With a Minor Defense

In Kansas, persons under 16 are viewed as legally incapable of consenting to sexual activity of any kind. Offenses involving sex with individuals under this age are generally known as “statutory” rape. Even teenagers in high school can suffer a significant felony charge when one is over 16 and the other is younger.

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Unlike criminal sexual assault charges involving adults, any sexual activity involving someone under the age of 16 in the state of Kansas is criminal by definition. If you’re facing charges of statutory rape, Internet solicitation, child molestation or indecent liberties with a minor in Kansas, even the enthusiastic participation of a “victim” under the age of 16 will get you nowhere as a defense.

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Statutory Rape Laws in Kansas

Indecent liberties with a minor, the formal Kansas term for sex with a person younger than 16, is a very serious offense and could result in a prison sentence. Aggravating circumstances, such as a very young victim, physical force or coercion, or extensive or repeated sexual activity, can increase the length of a prison term.

It is very seldom an effective defense to statutory rape charges is to claim that you didn’t know the participant was under the age of 16, except in cases where an underage victim might have overtly and plausibly misrepresented his or her age.

Defense of statutory rape or child sexual abuse charges will usually depend on such factors as DNA testing, other physical evidence, inconsistent statements of witnesses, and the credibility and mental health of the alleged victim.

The riskiest decision you can make upon learning that you may be a suspect in such a case is to voluntarily talk to the police without counsel. Resist the impulse to deny, admit, or explain anything at all. Keep your mouth firmly closed until you can talk to a statutory rape defense lawyer.

“The Importance of Aggressive Sex Related Criminal Defense”.

Other Related Sex Crimes

If you’ve got nude photos of your 17-year-old girlfriend, you face serious trouble. Although the age of consent for sexual activity in Kansas is 16, federal and state laws addressing child pornography require all “models” and “actors” to be at least 18 years of age. Child pornography charges are serious and the consequences are severe. While your 17-year-old girlfriend may be mature enough to consent to sexual intercourse, she is not legally mature enough to consent to a steamy photo shoot.

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