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If you or a loved one are facing serious criminal charges, your freedom and your future are at stake. You need to understand that the primary objective of the prosecutor – at the Municipal, State and Federal level – is to secure your conviction. You need an experienced, aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent you – to defend you.

Now is not the time to select a lawyer at random. Now is not the time to commit to an attorney who ‘got a good deal’ for a friend or co-worker facing completely different charges than those you face. Now is not the time to select an attorney based solely on an internet search that suggested the flashiest websites with the least substantive information.

If you or a loved one are facing serious criminal charges, now is the time to contact at least 3 qualified criminal defense lawyers with experience handling cases involving the charges you currently face. Now is the time to meet with each of these attorneys face-to-face in order to find the best criminal defense lawyer for you.  You need the representation of a lawyer who has successfully tried cases involving the same charges you face to acquittal.  Prosecutors only make favorable plea offers in cases that they genuinely believe that could lose if tried to a jury.  Prosecutors make favorable plea offers to defendants represented by lawyers that the prosecutor knows has tried similar cases to acquittal before juries.

office building I do not charge for an initial consultation. During our initial consultation, I will discuss the facts and circumstances of your case. I will share pleadings and motions that I have filed in previous cases involving legal and factual issues similar to your case. Based on my experience, I will tell you how different prosecutors approach different cases and I will let you know how different judges tend to rule on the issues we identify in your case. I will identify the strongest avenues of defense in your case and I will be candid with you about the risks and weaknesses in your available defenses.

I provide defense of all criminal charges in Johnson County, Kansas, and all of the municipalities in the Kansas City Metro Area, including Olathe, DeSoto, Gardner, Lenexa, Leawood, Mission, Merriam, Overland Park, Prairie Village and Shawnee. I also provide defense of Federal Criminal Charges in the District of Kansas, the Western District of Missouri, and the District of Nebraska.

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