Paul D. Cramm

Kansas Expands Prostitution Statute and Increases Penalties

Interviewer: Is it true that Kansas has recently expanded the prostitution laws and enhanced the criminal penalties for this offense?

Paul: Yes.  And the law is very broad now. It involves practically any activity you can think of. The sentences are also enhanced, so just beware. The applicable statutes are: K.S.A. 21-6419, Selling Sexual Relations; K.S.A. 21-6420, Promoting the Sale of Sexual Relations; and K.S.A. 21-6421, Buying Sexual Relations.  Under the previous statute, a First Offense for ‘Patronizing a Prostitute’ used to be a Class ‘B’ Misdemeanor Offense.  Now, the comparable charge is ‘Buying Sexual Relations’ and a First Offense for that charge is now a Class ‘A’ Misdemeanor offense.  A Second Offense is now a Severity Level 9 Felony Offense.

If You Are Seeking a Service Such as a Therapeutic Massage, Obtain a Referral for a Legitimate Business Establishment from a Family Member or Friend

If someone does want a legitimate therapeutic massage, I would look for a direct referral from a friend or family member who knows that the service provider is legitimate and lawful. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with a stranger that you have never met and no one you know has ever dealt with.

Make sure that if you have made an appointment for what you expect to be a legitimate, lawful therapeutic massage, you are going somewhere you know abut through friends or family members. Ask them if they can verify that yes, this is a legitimate establishment. Don’t find out on your own. Don’t deal with a stranger that you have no history or no track record with.

Interviewer: Maybe take that a step further. Perhaps most massages aren’t going to take place in a motel to begin with.

Paul: Absolutely. I think that’s a very strong indicator that you might not be dealing with a legitimate tax paying service provider.

Kansas Does Not Allows Brothels to Legally Operate within the State

Interviewer: Does Kansas have any legalized brothels?

Paul: Absolutely not. We are not quite that progressive.

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