Paul D. Cramm

What to Avoid If You Are Facing a Prostitution-Related Charge

Interviewer: What are mistakes to avoid that could really limit the available defenses in a prostitution case?

It Is Advisable to Remember That Any Conversation Concerning Escort Services Is Likely to Be Monitored by the Police

Paul: Well, first and foremost, If you are engaged in dialogue in a text message, an email or a phone call with anyone discussing, let’s call it escort services or massage services, my best advice is to act like that telephone call is being recorded. This is because in all likelihood, it is.

The most important thing to do is absolutely avoid any agreement for performance of any sexual activity. Do not allow the person you’re speaking with to force the issue.

If an overt suggestion is made about activity or wearing a condom or anything else like that, immediately presume that you are dealing with a law enforcement officer. The best response is why would I need to wear a condom if I am just going to get a massage?

This Also Applies to Electronic or Social Media Messages with Individuals Advertising on Craigslist

Anyone involved in contacting singles advertisements on Backpage or on Craigslist or any type of online advertising such as that, just presume that you’re dealing with law enforcement and govern your words accordingly.

Interviewer: Do you have any additional advice on this topic in closing?

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