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28-Year-Old Overland Park Man Charged With Raping A Drugged Co-Worker

28-year-old Logan Grant Kleen has been charged for raping a 21-year-old co-worker who was intoxicated.

The case happened in March of previous year, when the girl went out with co-workers. After consuming drugs, she fell asleep at Kleen’s home and when she woke up; she saw him having sex with her. She asked him to stop multiple times.

She told the cops that she consumed alcohol that night and she didn’t feel normal to go home. She didn’t exactly remember what happened. Her blood sample showed that she had “date-rape drug” in her system.

Kleen said he was also under the influence of alcohol and the sex was consensual.

He was charged in Johnson County District Court for one count of felony rape because the woman was too drunk and she was not in her senses to show willingness.

On Wednesday, Kleen was taken into custody and booked into Johnson County jail. His bond was set at $75,000 which he posted and was released.

He is summoned to court on Wednesday.

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